Earth Chemical - Nextplus Antibacterial No Wash Air Conditioner

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Smell: fresh forest scent
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Earth Chemical Nextplus Antibacterial No Wash Air Conditioner

"feature of product"
Imported from Japan, six-in-one cleaning, no secondary washing, super easy to use, adding green tea polyphenols and antibacterial agents, effective deodorization and antibacterial cleaning. After cleaning, the cooling room and power saving effect are greatly improved.

How to use:

1 / Turn off the air conditioner first, unplug the plug from the socket, and open the window
2/ Pull out the air conditioner filter
3 / Open the air-conditioning shield to expose the aluminum part
4/ Break the square tenon of the product nozzle
5 / Shake the product 5~6 times first
6/ Spray up and down 5cm away from the air conditioner
7 / After waiting for 10 minutes, turn on the air conditioner and let the air conditioner run, and the dirt will be discharged through the drain pipe

Note: - This product can only be used in window type air conditioners and separate type air conditioners (models with drain pipe design) - One air conditioner is used for a whole can - Do not spray upside down, avoid spraying into electronic equipment - Do not get close to it Fire source, please place in a cool place to avoid sunlight exposure


Fragrance Free - Blue

Fen Fen Floral - Powder

Fresh Forest - Green

Capacity: 420ml

Japan Antibacterial and water-free air conditioner cleanerJapan Antibacterial and water-free air conditioner cleaner

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wai kong Ho

Very good

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