Hotapa - Natural Shell Powder Laundry Waste Disinfection and Sterilization Laundry Pills (100 Capsules)

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Japan HOTAPA natural shell powder laundry waste disinfection and sterilization laundry pills (100 capsules)

Quantity: 100 capsules

Product introduction:

Hotapa shell powder disinfection and sterilization series is made of scallop shells strictly selected from Mutsu Bay, Japan. It is 100% natural, without any chemical ingredients, no coloring, no fragrance, and no alcohol. It is developed and produced by Japan Antibacterial Co., Ltd. , The production process is to pulverize the natural scallop shells and bake them at high temperature into 100% natural calcium hydroxide, and mix with water to make strong alkaline water above DU12.0 (most bacteria/germs are inactive above DU12.0).

Product information:

-The latest product developed in Japan, developed and produced by Japan Antibacterial Co., Ltd.

- No additives, no fragrance, 100% made from natural shell ingredients

- No foaming agent

- Prevent clothes from smelling, deodorize and sterilize

- Contains natural fruit enzymes, which can decompose stains on clothes

-Ingredients contain vitamin C, which can clean and protect the color of clothes

-Enzymes have natural softening properties themselves, so you don't need to use softeners to keep your clothes soft

- Wash clothes cleanly and also wash the laundry waste in the washing machine

-Remove mold and mildew, one thing for two purposes

- No need to buy cleaning and laundry waste products, convenient and environmentally friendly

- is a fragrance-free product

- If necessary, you can add laundry detergent to use together, the amount depends on personal preference


-The official pointed out that one grain per 30 liters of water is used. A normal washing machine washes about 70 liters, and about 2-3 grains are used each time. Just put the laundry grains directly into the washing machine and wash the clothes. It can be used every day.

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