Grandma's Formula - Taitung Red Oolong Black Foot Patch|For edema|Herbal formula|Double water absorption

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Grandma's Formula Taitung Red Oolong Black Foot Patch|For edema|Herbal formula|Double water absorption

Officially authorized distributor in Taiwan 🌟 Taiwan grandma's formula wet foot patch
📈 Sales exceeded 2 million packs 🥰 Popular items🔥
Sincerely recommend 👣 Use the left pair of feet to bask comfortably

Even Japanese cosmeceuticals have been compared to the obvious effect😱
Hong Kong and Taiwan beauty KOL unanimously hot recommendation🔥
The CP value is super high 😍 If you want to be beautiful, don’t wash it with a lot of money. Grandma’s formula Take away the excess moisture from the soles of the feet 💦 Training is well done D 💤
At the same time take away the bad substances from the body🙌🏻Solve various leg problems

Tea Black Foot Patch |Double effectiveness⬇

1. Taitung Red Oolong is suitable for long standing and sedentary/pregnant mothers to remove moisture and relieve swelling

2. The soothing effect of Jinzha Tieguanyin's leg relaxation and taking away leg acid after exercise

3. Alishan Jinxuan relaxes tension and sleeps better Enhance drainage, relieve stress and sleep well

⬇ Seven recipes for your various needs⬇

A. Green 💚 Green ore slime astringent persimmon tannin 💚 removes foot odor
⏩Contains ammonia/sulfur/iron/manganese 👉🏼 Eliminate odor and keep fresh

B. Pink 💗 Rose Saffron 💖 Pre-Mstrual Care 🙆🏻‍♀️
⏩Relieve menstrual discomfort😍Use before menstrual period‼ ️
⚠️Do not use during menstruation and pregnant women‼ ️

C. Purple💜Comfrey Rosemary💜Soothing and relaxing⏩Relieves tension and tight muscles😌😌

D. Red ❤️ Red bean and barley ❤ Lower extremity edema⏩Strengthen the effect of drainage and dehumidification 💦Resolve long-term sitting/standing edema 🦵🏼

E. Sky blue 💧Lavender chamomile 🌼After working out ⏩eliminate soreness and discomfort 💧Drain away moisture and relieve stress

F. Blue💙Mint Tea Tree💙Refreshing to cool off the heat🧊🧊
⏩Remove dampness and clear heat

G. Orange 🧡 Ginger Tang Xinzi 🧡 Cold hands and feet✋🏻🦶🏻
⏩Accelerate blood circulation🔁Promote metabolism

✅It is recommended to use it continuously for seven days🉐You can use the foot patch alternately. The main effect of each type is to absorb moisture♨️
✅If the user does not have a lot of water vapor, and the water vapor sucked out is not much⚠️This situation can not be used every day remove moisture

🔻How to use🔻
1. Tear off the sticker on the front of the patch
2. Flatten the smooth surface of the powder pack to the patch
3. Attach the patch to the sole of the foot
4. Use for 8 hours/above (recommended to use at night before going to bed)
5. Tear off the patch and rinse the soles of the feet with clean water

⚠️The color of the foot sticker will become darker/caking after removing it, which means that there is too much moisture in the body.♨️

✳️The foot patch itself is made from the powder of natural plants and ingredients. It does not contain medicine and can be used with peace of mind!
✳️The foot patch has a "pre-menstrual period" containing saffron. This ingredient cannot be used during the menstrual period, pregnant women and breastfeeding. Other foot patches do not contain irritating ingredients, and those in the above conditions can still use it with peace of mind.
✳️The product powder is very finely ground, even smaller than the pores of the powder package, so it is normal for a little powder to appear when shaken.

📆 Shelf life: about 3 years

Origin: Taiwan

Grandma's Formula Taitung Red Oolong Black Foot Patch|For edema|Herbal formula|Double water absorption

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