Grandma's Recipe - Baby Muscle Moisturizing Foot Mask|Keratin Renewal|Easy Exfoliation of Old Foot Skin

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Grandma's formula baby skin is very tender and moisturizing foot mask | keratin renewal | easy to peel off old foot skin

Officially Authorized Distributor in Taiwan ⭐Taiwan-made Grandma's Recipe⭐
👶🏼Baby's very tender and watery foot mask👣
⭕ Foot mask ➕ Moisturizing beauty solution 😍 A whole piece is ready for you🌸

After walking a lot, there is a lot of rough horny on the heels and soles 😢
Especially for high heels or slippers, the accumulation of dead skin on the heel is even more exaggerated😖
You can solve a super annoying problem if you have it in your family😭
💥Old thick horny accumulated, easy to remove💥
Effectively help the stubborn old and waste cuticle of the feet to soften and peel, creating moist, white and tender baby feet~
Contains vitamin B12 moisturizing extract to create hydrated feet and instantly brighten skin 🔆

✔️Just put on the foot mask and leave it for 40~60 minutes ✔️In 4~7 days, the old thick foot skin will fall off naturally 💁🏻‍♀
✔️7-9 days for you to have smooth and bright feet🦶🏻✨

🦶🏻Open the foot mask, there will be a light cherry blossom fragrance🌸🌸
🔴How to use:
1. Rinse and dry your feet with water first, then remove the foot mask bag.
2. Remove the foot membrane and cut along the dotted line.
3. Put on the foot mask in the way of wearing shoes and socks, and use the inner transparent sticker to fix the foot mask.
🔆It is recommended to wear socks to make the foot mask more comfortable❌Not suitable for people with wounds on the feet/sensitive muscles/pregnant women/diabetic patients
4. It can be removed in about 40-60 minutes, and be sure to wash your feet again.
❌Do not use for more than 60 minutes
5. Finally, use the moisturizing liquid provided by this product, apply it on the instep to give moisture❌Do not apply it on the bottom of the foot, so as not to reduce the peeling effect

Origin: Taiwan

Grandma's Formula Baby Moisturizing Foot Mask

【Frequently Asked Questions About Foot Mask】

==>Can I use foot pads during menstrual period, pregnant women and breastfeeding?
A: Foot mask contains more irritating substances, it is recommended not to use it! If you really want to use it, please ask your doctor to confirm before use!

==> Under what conditions can people not use it?
A: Users with wounds and sensitive skin on the feet and soles of Hong Kong feet cannot use it! If you really want to use it, please ask your doctor to confirm before use!

==>How long should the foot mask be used?
A: The use time of the foot mask is 90 minutes. If the use time is too short, there may be no effect, and it is too late for the soles of the feet to produce peeling reactions; if the use time is too long, the foot membrane fluid may cause the feet to be red, swollen and injured when they are too irritated.

==>What should I do if there is redness and swelling after use?
A: Since the foot mask contains more irritating substances, it may happen for the first time. You can wait for a few days to observe. If the redness and swelling improve, you can ignore it; otherwise, please ask a dermatologist~

==>How many days will my skin peel after using the foot mask?
A: The reaction time of each user is different. After using the foot mask for about 3-6 days, there may be peeling.

==>When you find peeling, do you have to tear it off immediately?
A: Every inch of skin soaked in the foot mask solution has a different peeling reaction time. It is not recommended to peel off when you see peeling, because it may also peel off the skin that has not yet completed peeling. It is recommended to wait for the whole piece When the skin is confirmed to fall off, tear it off together!

==>How often should I use the foot mask?
A: The metabolism time of the human body is about 28-29 days. It is safer to use the interval for more than 30 days! Otherwise, it is easy to cause skin damage.

==> Can it be used elsewhere to help with peeling?
A: No. Foot mask can only be used on the soles of the feet!

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