Grandma's Recipe - Edelweiss Tender Leg Mask|53cm Ultra-Long Care|Care with Calf

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Grandma's Formula Edelweiss Tender Leg Mask|53cm Extra-Long Care|Care for Calf

Officially authorized distributor in Taiwan✈️Taiwan express new products✈️
👵🏼Grandma's formula🌸Edelweiss beauty and tender foot mask🦵🏼✨🔺53cm long design🔺

When the seasons change in autumn and winter, the skin is easy to dry and itchy, and maintenance needs to be strengthened 💪🏻 Once the skin is not hydrated enough, it will appear itchy, and in severe cases, there will be skin cracking problems 😭

The heels are worn a lot 😩 There will be hard skin or peeling at the position 😩 If you look away, there will be uneven skin tone problems 🤯😱 So be sure to take good care of your legs 🥺

Most of the foot masks on the market are designed for the feet🦶
Usually ignore the left calf position 🦵🏼
The calf is actually super important 😆😆😆
Usually wearing shorts and skirts, of course, you have to show dialogue and slender legs🦵🏼✨

Grandma👵🏼 brings a heart-warming choice this time✨
⭐ Edelweiss Skin Rejuvenating Foot Mask 🦵🏼✨
🔺53cm super long design🔺

🌟Tender leg mask highlights🌟
🉐Strictly selected European farm edelweiss extracts🌸Shea butter and white willow bark natural extracts🉐Super-long 53cm design✨Completely cover the skin from the toes to the calves🉐It helps to improve dry skin, crusty heels, uneven skin tone🉐Repair Skin🥰Maintains Q-bounce, youthful legs🉐Mild repair formula, quick moisturizing and brightening🉐Easy and simple to use, it only takes 15-20 minutes to develop beautiful legs

Please put it in a place where infants and young children can not get sensitive skin. Please do a skin sensitivity test before use. If the skin has wounds, rashes, eczema, clearing, or damage, do not use it; if it accidentally gets on the affected part or eyes, nose , mouth... etc., please rinse with plenty of water.
If the skin is red, swollen, inflamed and uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist.

Origin: Taiwan

Grandma's Formula Edelweiss Tender Leg Mask|53cm Ultra-Long Care|Care with Calf

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