360 degree nano purification faucet water-saving filter water-saving impurity removal faucet filter

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360 degree nano purification faucet water saving filter save water and remove impurities

The water pipe channel is super dirty, the bacteria can't be seen with the naked eye‼ The water at home is not filtered, you dare to use it to wash your face and wash vegetables
💧Four layers of protection filters 👉
🔹Water saving up to about 70%, patented cross filtration of water quality
🔸Coconut shell activated carbon - top activated carbon effectively absorbs impurities in water
🔹Calcium sulfite porcelain - effectively remove residual chlorine in water to improve water quality
🔸Quick installation-international standard connector, applicable to 90% of households
🔹Reinforced design - made of ABS plastic steel, durable and not rusted
🔻Special model for kitchen and bathroom, wash dishes and face with peace of mind
🔻 💧 Full effect water purification device
Two adapters are included in the box
Applicable faucet diameter: inner teeth 20mm, inner teeth 24mm
This product is a parallel imported product.

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