DHC - Fast Attack Blueberry Intensive Essence 20 Days|40 Capsules|Improves Dry Eyes|Eye Care

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DHC Quick Attack Blueberry Serum 20 Days|40 Capsules|Improves Dry Eyes|Eye Care

The blueberry essence is increased, and it is also compounded with 10 kinds of ingredients including calendula essence, lycopene, 4 kinds of vitamin B necessary for maintaining eye health, and the effect is three times faster than that of ordinary blueberries.

It is recommended to take 2 capsules a day.
Please take this product according to the daily intake to avoid excessive intake.
Please take it with water or lukewarm water at any time

Please take with boiling water. If your body feels abnormal, please stop taking it.
For those with allergies, please read the raw materials carefully.
People taking medicine or going to the hospital, pregnant women, please consult with a doctor before taking it.
Keep out of the reach of children.
After opening, please close the seal and consume as soon as possible.
This product is made of natural materials, and the color tone may vary somewhat, but there is no problem with the content or quality of the ingredients.

Origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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