Milbon Deesse's Ex Boyfriend Treatment Hair Mask 4+|For normal or moderately damaged hair

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Milbon Deesse's Ex Boyfriend Treatment Hair Mask 4+|For normal or moderately damaged hair

Japan's super hit Milbon hair mask

Try it and you will know how good it is! If you go out to Hong Kong to make Milbon baked oil once, it will take six or seven hundred mosquitoes , and dozens of mosquitoes can be tied to the house and company to enjoy the effect of sliding to the explosion of the baked oil.

Known as the ex-boyfriend hair mask, after using up the hair, the ex-boyfriend couldn't help but turn his head! Milbon Deesse's series is specially developed for hair after electric, dye or negative ionization, and you can enjoy the effect of Salon -grade oil at home

It can quickly penetrate into damaged hair, replenish oil and moisture inside the hair core, and completely improve dry, dull, and poor hand feel

MU 4+ for normal or moderately damaged hair

The polysaccharide containing sublunar polysaccharide has a high moisturizing effect, which can quickly replenish water to the protruding part of the hair, change back to normal state, and completely improve the problem of the breakdown of the water balance function and the tendency of the hair to curl up.

MU 4x for coarse, naturally curly hair, very dry or very damaged hair

The moisturizing level is comparable to that of baked oil, replenishing water and high moisturizing lipids, repairing damaged split ends, and making the hair shiny and moisturizing

And one box can make 4 times! It's good to use it!

Just use it once a week! Guaranteed to fall in love with one use

The house company enjoys the salon -grade baked oil care! !

Amounts used for various hairstyles:

Short hair: about 3g (ie 1/3 )

Medium and long hair: about 6g (ie 2/3 )

Long hair: 9g (ie 1 )

Extra long hair: 1 and a half to 2

How to use : After washing your hair , Dry your hair with a towel until no water drips, The amount is suitable for smearing on the hair, avoid rooting , wait about 5 minutes, Wash hair thoroughly .

Specifications: 9g/ pc, 4pcs / box Place of Origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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