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SHISEIDO Moilip E+B6 Lip Balm 8g

A lip balm with healing powers.
MOILIP Lip Balm Shiseido Medicated Lip Balm

If you experience the following symptoms, give MOILIP a try!
MOILIP uses a unique base that locks moisturizing ingredients in oil to treat dry and rough lips while fully protecting them.
Packaged in a ready-to-apply tube, the cream stretches well and is soft and easy to use.

Precautions for use: Please consult your physician or pharmacist before use.
People who are being treated by a physician or those whose family members are allergic people who have experienced drug allergies who have moist or severely ulcerated lip skin If the following conditions occur, please stop using it immediately, and bring the outer packaging of this product to consult a doctor or pharmacist.
After use, the skin appears rash, redness, itching and other symptoms. Symptoms do not improve after 5 to 6 days of use.
*Please wipe the hose mouth clean after each use.

Origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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Shing Yan Or

SHISEIDO 資生堂 - Moilip E+B6 潤唇膏 8g|Moilip 修護潤唇膏

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