T-Fence Fortification - Breathable Long-lasting Waterproof Spray|For Her 280ml

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T-Fence Breathable Long-lasting Waterproof Spray|For Her 280ml (white packaging)

SHOPTAKE is an authorized distributor of T-Fence fortifications in Hong Kong

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Walking in the rain is not necessarily romantic,
But don't let you get wet!

rainy season in spring, thunderstorm in summer,

Autumn typhoon rain, winter frontal rain,

With a small umbrella in hand, should it cover the bag, shoes, or people?

The world is big, the rain is small, don't worry, don't worry,

Come on, a little move,

Great protection for dear shoes and leather cloth bags!




10 minutes to quickly form an invisible raincoat,
It's too late before you go out!

Unique environmental protection Japanese fluorine, gently spray,

Quickly form an invisible raincoat-like nano-film,

Effective waterproof, fully breathable, not stuffy or hot,

Does not contain carcinogens, is environmentally friendly,

Even if the Oh No weather suddenly turns its face,

Oh Yes you are still beautiful.

[embed]https://www.shoptakehk.com/product/t-fence-Fast-acting Decontamination Spray|Shoes & Motorcycles_280ml/[/embed]

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