T-Fence Fortification- REVO CASE| Mini Acrylic Ladder Display Rack|Gacha, Figures

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T-Fence Fortification REVO CASE|Mini Acrylic Ladder Display|Gacha, Figures

T-Fence Fortification REVO CASE|Mini Acrylic Ladder Display Frame|Gacha, Figures
What a pity to have a collection of gashapon dolls but not be able to display them properly!!
Always scattered in every corner, a sense of loss not to be seen...
Are you also looking for the perfect gashapon stand?

【REVOCASE Mini Acrylic Ladder Display Rack】
Let you regain your enthusiasm for small gashapons!
Through the high and low level of the front and rear, the gashapon is placed with zero dead ends!
Two-color selection, suitable for doll display of various styles,
Lightweight size, put it on the desktop to increase the sense of life healing,
It can also be used with the REVOCASE display box for a variety of ways to play!
No matter the size, it can be perfectly displayed by REVOCASE!
Your collection should be seen well!
▲ The width of the display rack is 17.1cm, which can arrange about 15 gashapon dolls neatly, and can be placed in most spaces at the same time​
▲ The three floors are gradually higher, and can be placed in a staggered front and back, perfectly showing the beauty of the collection
▲ Choose different colors and match with various dolls to present more personal characteristics ▲ 4mm height acrylic, weight resistance can be improved ▲ With REVOCASE collection display box, solve the problem of dust and create various ways of playing​ ▲ Diamond trimmed laminate, the texture is upgraded again ▲ Bottom anti-slip gasket, as stable as a smooth desktop REVOCASE Mini Acrylic Ladder Display Rack|Gacha, Dolls​
Layers: Three layers per layer Dimensions: L17.1 x W4 x H3.5 cm
Material: High transparent acrylic Accessories: Silicone cover x6, EVA gasket x8
Origin: Taiwan

Precautions * Do not use for purposes other than product design.​
* Contains small parts, please keep it out of the reach of children.​
* Do not expose to direct sunlight or place in high temperature.

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