South Korea UNIX TAKEOUT UCI-A2773 USB-powered ultra-mini dual-purpose hair straightener

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South Korea UNIX TAKEOUT UCI-A2773 USB-powered ultra-mini dual-purpose hair straightener

🔥South Korea sells millions of sticks🔥
⭐Original licensed in Hong Kong ⭐3 Months Warranty⭐
The first batch of preferential supply is limited

Anyone who has used UNIX knows how good it is ❤
This time, it's two simple series 💥
The pink series is really attractive 😍
Practical aspects are very thoughtful 😁
USB powered ✅ power bank all 🆗
You can keep the goddess shape anytime, anywhere ❤
Small size ✅Even if the shop owner likes to use small handbags👜, they will definitely have more than enough space💁🏻‍♀️
Design safety ✅ Sweetheart safety lock design 💕Prevent scalds👍🏼Korean brand confidence choice‼
The price is too high ✅ 200 mosquitoes can find the best choice 💕 Sending gifts is the best than friends 😄


Zhong You 🌈 Don't forget to travel✈
Tourist season! Many customers have asked if they have thin and light straight hair clips😌
It is half thinner than the traditional style ~ the weight is only about 100g ❤
Guaranteed not to occupy the shopping position of the sisters🔥 Implement shopping to all you have to do🤣😂


[The owner's private sharing ]

The owner is a straight hair clip user😁 so be sure to try it first😌‼ The fine size has already grabbed the left and less points 😄 You can easily put the handbag 😆 In addition, he uses a ceramic heating plate🔥 to generate a lot of far infrared rays ⭐feel can smooth the frizz 👌The temperature is moderate to reduce hair damage 💕In addition, the pink version is simply super Perfect C-shaped inward bend 💁🏻‍♀️ Korean pear flower head 😌Air bangs 😌Big wavy curly hair😍 Do it all‼

🔹Use micro usb to directly heat 🔥Use power bank to go out and use it to dry easily🔋
🔹The temperature is moderate and does not hurt the hair😌
🔹 Dimensions. 2.7 x 17.4 x 3.5cm (width of heating plate)
⚠Remove the orphan board by pushing it outwards❗It will straighten the hairpin in one second👍🏼

***(Package comes with storage bag; charger and MicroUSB cable are optional items)

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