Wholesale and cooperation

SHOPTAKE sells a variety of products, including household goods, digital electronics, creative boutiques, outdoor sports equipment, and more.

Schools, companies and institutions are welcome to cooperate in wholesale. In addition to wholesale purchase, some of our products can also provide brand OEM and consignment services.

Coffee shops and coffee product retailers are also welcome to inquire about coffee utensils wholesale, we can provide you with low-volume supply methods.


Bulk purchases: starting from one box, large discounts can be provided, and multiple items can be purchased in batches.

OEM: Some products can be processed by OEM, with the logo of your company or organization and other promotional words printed on it.

【Brand agency】

Consignment cooperation: store the branded goods represented by your company in our physical stores and online stores for sale, share revenue by profit sharing or fixed commission, increase sales points to effectively promote products and increase sales.

We also welcome other ways of cooperation, please leave your information in the contact us page, if the product is suitable, someone will contact you as soon as possible.