Privacy Policy

1. We only collect personal data that we deem relevant and necessary to run our business.

2. SHOPTAKE will not disclose your personal data to the outside world unless with your consent or as required by law.

3. We want to keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date.

4. We maintain appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.

Personal data we collect:

Customer records maintained for the following purposes: providing services, facilities and merchandise to customers; opening, maintaining and terminating accounts; processing payments and billing; responding to and following up on customer inquiries; understanding customer order needs; research and development products; conduct customer surveys and direct marketing campaigns.

Personal data collected through this website

We may collect personal data during your use of this website, including name, gender, age, phone number, email address, etc. When you browse this website, SHOPTAKE may collect information about your computer, such as the type of Internet browser and operating system you use, and the domain name of your network service provider. The law does not require you to provide personal data, but unless you provide SHOPATKE with the requested personal data, SHOPATAKE may not be able to provide the services, facilities and goods you need.