Noda enamel product maintenance and other precautions

"About Color Loss"

A vitreous glaze is attached to the surface of metals such as iron and aluminum at high temperature, and this product is called enamel.
However, on the edges of the teapot mouth, the inside of the pot body handle, or the top of the hanging place during the firing process, the glaze is not easy to adhere, and therefore, the coloring material may fall off or the coloring is uneven. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality and safety of the product.

"Rust Treatment"

In the manufacture of enamel, the edge (such as the mouth of the teapot) that is less likely to be attached to the glaze, or the top of the hanging place during the firing process, etc., will have a thinner color, but it will not affect the product. Quality and safe to use.
In addition, if the surface glass falls off due to impact or external force, the inner black glaze will be exposed, and even the deeper iron may be exposed when it falls off seriously. This part will be formed due to moisture, acidity or salt adhesion. rust.
●Although iron itself is harmless to the human body, in order to prevent the product from rusting, please wipe off the water after use and keep it in a dry state, and daily use can also effectively prevent rust.
●If the pan has been rusted, you can use a commercially available rust remover to wipe it, and then apply a thin layer of cooking oil for maintenance.

"Burning Treatment"

(1) Pour warm water into a charred pot, add a tablespoon of baking soda and stir evenly.
(2) Add a small amount of edible oil (about 1~2 drops) and let it stand for about 2 hours.
(3) Boil water, soda water and cooking oil will have a soapy effect and start to bubble.
(4) After cooling, pour out the contents of the pot, and then use a sponge to dip the special detergent for tableware for cleaning.

"Other Notes"

●Enamel is a kind of glass, please do not apply heavy pressure or gravity to avoid damage ●Please avoid prolonged boiling ●Absolutely avoid dry burning state. If you accidentally cause dry burning, do not add water and let it cool down naturally. Please wash thoroughly after use and keep it dry. Do not use steel wool vegetable melon cloth when cleaning to avoid product damage. Do not use in electronic microwave ovens.