Aether Yitai home protection antibacterial spray kills 99.9% of coronavirus bacteria gastroenteritis virus

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 Why Antibacterial Disinfection?

Aether Antibacterial Classroom: There are a lot of invisible bacteria in the environment, and sometimes the body starts to feel unwell before they are found at all. There are also common symptoms such as constant fatigue, unrelieved minor ailments or decreased resistance, easy to catch colds and other symptoms. Mostly caused by bacteria and viruses According to current scientific data, infections in hospitals, patients, and other epidemic-like outbreaks stem first from inadequate disinfection of the environment, hands, and skin. Therefore, only comprehensive disinfection can prevent similar things from happening again.

Can pregnant mothers also use it directly on the skin?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom: Yes, it has been certified by the national Taiwan American laboratory for skin irritation test, Aether antibacterial spray is non-irritating to the skin, please feel free to use it! Remind you that you can also use it as a dry hand, and there will be a protective film after use!

Can I eat directly after cleaning?

Antibacterial Small Classroom: The answer is yes, but it is recommended that it has been completely dried (volatile to dryness). If it is eaten without drying, the killed bacteria will be eaten together! If it is tableware or chopsticks and other utensils, use it until it is slightly wet, and then wipe it until it is dry. This product is a German patented technology, the latest generation of new-type compound quaternary ammonium salts, which are used in new countries such as Germany (certification issued in 2017), and can be used to clean food utensils, containers and packaging. No need to rinse with water after use. The quaternary ammonium compounds currently targeted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare also do not need to be cleaned after use. This product is highly biodegradable certified by the European Union and Germany, and has also been certified by SGS for oral toxicity. It is a non-toxic product and will not cause a burden on the human body and the environment. Please use it with confidence. If you are really worried, it is recommended that you wipe it with a wet paper towel or water, or drink more boiled water.

Can it be used if there is a wound on the skin?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom: Whether it is a home protection or a pet-specific product, there is currently no test report or experiment after actual wound use. It is not recommended for open wounds for the time being. It is recommended to use it after scabbing.
If I have sprayed it before, do I need to spray it again after washing my hands again?
Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom:
(1) After washing your hands, the original protective film attached to the hands has disappeared. It is recommended to use it again to enhance the protection.
(2) Using cleaning products and correct hand washing is the best way to prevent epidemics, but modern people should not be busy, most people and children do not follow the correct hand washing method, plus tap water and soap (especially the soap used by many people) ), in fact, there are countless bacteria, it is recommended to use this product again to enhance the ability of epidemic prevention after your hands are dry.

Ways to Fight Germs: What's the Difference Between Handwashing and Antibacterial Spray?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom:
The most effective way to prevent harmful germs from entering the human body is to wash your hands diligently and correctly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health and Welfare also reminded that the best way to prevent disease from entering the body is to use soap/wash hands after going to the toilet and before eating. Wash your hands properly with milk, and every part of your hands should be thoroughly cleaned. The wet hand washing time should be 40 seconds to 60 seconds, and the dry hand washing time should be about 20 seconds to 30 seconds.

But it must be cleaned according to the steps. Because modern people and children are too busy to wash their hands according to the correct steps , they can simply rinse and finish. Especially in winter, it is too lazy to wash hands, so use Aether antibacterial spray to achieve antibacterial effect in the fastest three seconds . to rapidly strengthen their own epidemic prevention capabilities. It is recommended to carry Aether Yiti Antibacterial Spray 100ml bottle with you, after use, it will isolate invisible bacteria for you!

Is it okay to use on children's hands to bite their fingers?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom:

Yitai Antibacterial has passed the SGS oral toxicity certification (LD50): it belongs to the fifth level of non-toxicity, please use it with confidence. Safer than chemical syrup! However, it is still recommended to completely dry (volatile) or rub it until dry to avoid reducing the effect.

How long will the protective effect last?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom:
Tested by the German report, according to the concentration and environment, the antibacterial ability can be maintained for up to 7 days after use.
According to the test of white toast by experts and editors, the use of Aether antibacterial spray can maintain the antibacterial protection for 16 days at the longest, and the symptoms of bacteria can only be produced on the 17th.

What is "German new compound quaternary ammonium salt"?

Aether uses a new type of compound quaternary ammonium salt with German patented technology: it is a cationic surfactant, has bactericidal and decontamination effects, and kills bacteria by changing the permeability of bacterial cells and dissolving bacterial cell walls. It is generally used for cleaning and disinfection, and can also be used for hand disinfection. It can not only kill bacteria, but also has a good killing effect on viruses, fungi and bacterial spores.
Aether antibacterial spray uses a new German compound quaternary ammonium salt ingredient, which is more effective than the previous generation and the same industry. It includes the main ingredient of antibacterial agent, Bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine. Efficient quaternary ammonium antibacterial. The advantages of this ingredient being fast and efficient are that it has a wide range of application and better antibacterial effect, and can effectively eliminate various enteroviruses, influenza viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and aureus grapes in the environment. Microorganisms such as cocci, Candida albicans and viruses.
It can quickly, stably and widely eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful microorganisms in the environment to higher microorganisms at various life stages (including reproductive and juvenile), and has no toxic effect, no carcinogenicity, no sensitization, no mutation, no It is resistant to drugs, non-irritating, non-corrosive, odorless, non-flammable, can be naturally degraded in the soil, does not produce secondary pollution, has stable performance, and is not easy to fail due to light, heat and other reasons, so it is better than similar products. Efficient and fast antibacterial effect.

What is "hypochlorous acid water"?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom:
It is an unstable weak acid with the chemical formula HClO, which can only exist in solution and is generally used as a bleaching agent, an oxidizing agent, a deodorant and a disinfectant.
Hypochlorous acid water is a strong oxidant! General electrolytic strong acid hypochlorous acid water has strong sterilization effect but poor preservation, and the validity period is less than one day. However, although the general slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water has high preservability, it can only be stored for 2-3 months in a room temperature shading sealed container (anti-UV container), which is not resistant to storage and is afraid of sunlight (afraid of ultraviolet rays). After direct exposure to the sun or direct sunlight, it will be reduced to water + salt.
Hypochlorous acid water advantages:
1. Use immediately after production to achieve immediate sterilization effect.
2. The raw materials (salt, water) are easy to obtain, the price of the machine is not high, and the general public can make it by themselves.
3. Due to the low price, high pollution areas must be used continuously to effectively sterilize, such as slaughterhouses.
Disadvantages of hypochlorous acid water:
1. It needs to be used immediately after production, and the effect is decreasing day by day. The Ministry of Health and Welfare stipulates that no more than 1ppm should be left after use.
2. After two months (unopened), the effect may be invalid. It needs to be used immediately after opening. It is recommended to produce and use immediately to ensure the effect.
3. It is easy to cause oxidation due to factors such as light (fluorescent lamp), temperature, air and shaking, and it is not easy to store.
4. The concentration of hypochlorous acid water sold in the market is only 30-50ppm, and it must reach 200ppm for effective sterilization. Enteroviruses or viruses that are difficult to fight against must reach a concentration of 500ppm.
5. Chlorine and chlorine-containing products will produce the poison of the century "Dioxin" when exposed to high temperature, which is one of the controlled elements in incineration plants.
6. When "chlorine" comes into contact with water and other elements, there is a chance to produce trihalomethanes, which will cause symptoms such as liver cancer, bowel cancer, bladder cancer, heart disease, and skin allergies.
7. A well-known professor in China found that the risk of cancer caused by inhaling volatile "chlorine" organic compounds for Chinese people during bathing is greater than one in a million, and it can also be absorbed through the skin, affecting human health, including bladder, liver, rectum , heart, arteriosclerosis, anemia, high blood pressure, allergies, etc.
8. "Hypochlorous acid water" products are recommended not to be packaged separately. When exposed to light, air and other factors, it is very easy to cause failure.

What is "aldehyde"?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom:

Aldehyde, English: aldehyde, is a class of organic compounds containing a formyl group.
The properties of aldehydes vary widely, and their specific properties depend on the molecular size of the aldehyde. Most of the aldehydes with small molecules are soluble in water, such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Volatile aldehydes mostly have a pungent odor.

Wikipedia: Microbicide mechanism: mainly rely on aldehyde groups, which act on bacterial proteins to alkylate and cause protein coagulation.

Commonly used aldehyde disinfectants: formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde (cidex), o-phthalaldehyde (cidex OPA). Advantages: good bactericidal effect, is a high-efficiency disinfectant, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, less corrosive to metals, less affected by organic matter, and good stability. Disadvantages: The commonality of aldehyde sterilants is that they are toxic. But especially formaldehyde, it cannot be degraded by itself after the validity period of use, and it has residual toxicity. Long-term use will cause pollution to humans, animals and the surrounding environment.

Aldehyde sterilants are non-corrosive to metals and do not damage materials such as glass, rubber or plastic. However, aldehyde sterilants have certain human toxicity. Acute or chronic exposure can cause skin irritation or dermatitis. Aldehyde sterilants are irritating to mucous membranes (eg, eyes, nose, or mouth) and may also cause pulmonary symptoms.

Ordinary people may experience epistaxis, allergic, contact dermatitis, asthma, rhinitis and other symptoms after exposure to aldehyde sterilants. Therefore, personnel using aldehydes should keep the space well ventilated and minimize skin or mucous membrane contact to ensure safety.

What is reaction time?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom:
Don't be deceived by advertising words. There are no products in the world that can be sterilized immediately after being sprayed. Any sterilization product needs time to work, especially the stronger bacteria, it will take a longer time to work, for example: tuberculosis Bacillus, an infection control product used in hospitals, sometimes requires an action time of 60 minutes to ensure complete sterility. Bacteria alone have such a difficult problem, let alone a super hard-to-kill virus! The following offers we give

What is biodegradability (biodegradability)?

Aether Antibacterial Small Classroom:
Biodegradability (Biodegradability) Biodegradability is a property used to indicate whether a compound can be decomposed by microorganisms.
Biodegradation is defined as the decomposition of stable organic matter by microorganisms in soil, natural water bodies or wastewater treatment systems. Many of the compounds developed by modern industry are quite close to the compounds necessary for the growth of life, so they can be decomposed by organisms.