Enjoy the Warmth - 100% Chicken Essence Made in Taiwan|Pregnant Confinement|Strengthening Health|Returning Your Spirit

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Enjoy the Warmth - 100% Chicken Essence Made in Taiwan|Returns your good spirits|Each drop is 100% pure chicken essence and concentrated essence

📆 One pack a day to make up for another, and you will be in good spirits! ✨Super attractive and Taiwan-made chicken essence‼ ️Absolutely the best supplement for urban people to supplement without dryness 👏🏻👏🏻

Every drop is 💯Pure Chicken Essence Concentrated Essence 😍Students, office workers, children, the elderly, pregnant women, maternity and patients, all drink it 😃 It can quickly replenish nutrition, restore physical strength and spirit, and maintain health 😙 Long-term drinking can enhance Physical strength💪🏻Strengthen your body and keep your spirits up😎Ultra-low calorie only 18.9 calories per pack, no burden to drink every day〰️💃🏻🕺🏻

Enjoy warm dripping chicken soup has removed the fat, the calories of each chicken essence is less than 1/10 of a bowl of rice, but it contains a lot of essential amino acids👍🏻😍
0️⃣Fat‼ ️0️⃣Cholesterol‼ ️

😋The taste is rich but easy to eat, keep the chicken essence 🐔 not only umami, no fishy smell, not too salty and greasy, children can accept it 👧🏻👦🏻
🤰🏻🤱🏻The best choice for prenatal and postnatal nourishment, physical strength enhancement and beauty nourishment 😚The normal temperature version is super convenient to drink, just put the whole packet of 🐓 Drop Chicken Essence into hot water, and warm it for a minute to drink it😋 In the house, company, business trip, travel, you can order a few bags to drink at any time👍🏻

Product Features 🔸Made in Taiwan, using Taiwanese raw materials 🔸Passed a number of food safety certifications, including ISO 22000, ISO9001, ISO15161, HACCP, HALAL📑
🔸Taiwan's native wild pheasant 🐔Strictly select natural ingredients, the dripping quality is better 🔸No artificial additions - pure dripping chicken essence, free of traditional Chinese medicine and additives, can be eaten by men, women and children 🔸Ultra low calorie- 😵Comparison 1 A cup of pearl milk tea 🧋710 calories 😵 The calorie per serving of chicken essence is only 1/10 of a bowl of rice, but it contains essential amino acids 🔸Safe and hygienic - It is automatically packaged in a laminated composite aluminum bag, which can prevent the intrusion of air and microorganisms after sealing 🔸High temperature sterilization - Completely sealed and packaged, and then autoclaved to extend the shelf life at room temperature 🔸The normal temperature version does not need to be refrigerated, it is very convenient to store or drink 🔸It can quickly replenish nutrition, restore physical strength and spirit, and maintain health 🔸Long-term drinking can enhance physical strength and keep fit body, spirited

⭐️ Especially suitable for:
👉🏻Students, office workers: Enhance physical strength and vitality 👉🏻Children and elderly: Nourishes and strengthens the body, promotes appetite, maintains health 👉🏻Pregnant women, mothers and patients: Supplement before and after childbirth or after illness 👉🏻Effective dredging breasts for mothers , the effect of increasing milk volume ※For patients with gout, high blood pressure and severe kidney disease, please consult your doctor before consumption. Children under the age of two are not recommended to eat because their kidneys are not fully developed.

🏅Enjoy Warmth is a well-known Taiwanese brand with many years of history and reputation The nutrition and freshness of fresh chicken soup is completely preserved, and it will still form pudding-like due to gummy in the refrigerator. Pure chicken essence, free of traditional Chinese medicine and additives👍🏻

⭐️ Instructions on how to eat ⭐️
Put the whole package of dripping chicken into hot water and warm it for one minute before drinking. It is recommended to eat it every morning on an empty stomach, the effect is better. Remind some people to eat it at night, because they are in good spirits and may affect sleep

3️⃣ product specifications:

A/ 1 box of 5 packs
B/ 1 box of 10 packs
C/ 🉐Promotional 1 box of 15 packs🉐

(Above each pack is 60ml🫕)

Origin: Taiwan

【Warm reminder 💕】
1. This product is pure chicken liquid, without any additives and preservatives
2. The product is packaged and sterilized at high temperature. Do not eat it if it is swelled or damaged.
3. After opening, please drink it once, do not refrigerate or freeze again
4. This product is an aluminum foil bag and cannot be directly heated by microwave
5. Patients with gout, hypertension and kidney disease, please consult a physician before use

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