Taiwan simple master "plumbing" grade "pipe dredging agent"

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  • Scope of application and function:

  • It has the effect of dredging and deodorizing the pipelines such as toilets and sink drains at home.

  • Clean the pipes without asking anyone

  • No erosive effect, protect pipes


Taiwan simple master "plumbing" grade "pipe dredging agent"

The most troublesome thing to clean up at home is "blocked water pipes" and "blocked toilets"! The usual accumulation of hair, oil, and foreign matter can easily block drains and water inlets. Not only will the waste water not be drained out, but it may also become a breeding ground for cockroaches, fruit flies, and pests; Plumbers will handle it, but the salary of plumbers will start at 600 yuan, which is really hurting their wallets. Some people will buy "strong acid" cleaners for convenience, and get water pipes, drains, porcelain, and brick surfaces. corroded...

Place of Origin: Taiwan Ingredients: Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)
Specifications: 180g/can +-5%
Shelf life: five years



Instructions for use:

Scope of application and function: dredging the pipes of toilets, sink drains and other pipes at home, and has the effect of dredging and deodorizing.

The usage is as follows:

1. Clean the water in the toilet or sink before use. If necessary, it can be used with a straw to remove excess water as much as possible, and the effect is better.

And add a tube of vertical flux agent at 15~70 grams into the pipe mouth, slowly pour it into the pipe with hot water at 50~70 degrees, soak for 6~15 minutes,

(It is strictly forbidden to directly touch the hot water with your hands during the decomposition process. After 6~30 minutes, quickly flush the pipeline with cold water, and the pipeline will be opened immediately)

2. If the water pipe can be blocked, please use it repeatedly

3. It is recommended that you use cleaning and maintenance every week


1. It is strictly forbidden to use in aluminum products, rubber or rubber hoses.

2. Do not mix with other cleaners and chemicals.

3. Please be sure to store in a cool place.

4. This product is not suitable for inorganic materials such as wood, metal, cement, sediment, etc. Do not block.

5. This product is highly corrosive, so be careful to avoid contact with skin and eyes. When using, it should be more than 80 cm away, and pour this product into the water pipe.

6. If you accidentally touch your eyes and skin, please immediately rinse with plenty of water for 10 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to swallow. If you accidentally swallow it, seek medical attention immediately.

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