Taiwan 3in1 Shock Absorbent Super Elastic Towel|95% Premium Cotton|10 times the shock absorption capacity|Stretchable up to 165cm

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💥Taiwan's original elastic multi-purpose towel💥
🟡Taiwan 3in1 Shock Absorbent Super Elastic Towel🟡
95% high-grade cotton|10 times as much water absorption|Stretchable up to 165cm😲

At once. very. Here comes the towel! 🤣
Surprisingly absorbent elastic towel can make you enjoy the following ⭕️ firm hair ⭕️ easy to wipe body ⭕️ super absorbent

what! How can there be such a bouncy and absorbent towel? ! 😲😲😲
Super stretch towel is really a good news for housewives 💥
Friends with special long hair must buy‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️

Does the following itinerary make you feel emotional 😱
When you are busy, you may have to wash your clothes right after taking a shower. Because it is too hot or you don’t have time to blow your hair, you have to wrap your hair with a towel and dry it. trouble 😍💕

🥵How do you relieve the tension in your shoulders and back? 🥵
Do you stretch your hand behind your back and pull it back but still feel your body is stiff...😮‍💨
Now you have a better stretch aid

\Shock Absorbent Stretch Towel/
✨Exercise and stretching effect is more doubled. It is suitable for stretching legs, shoulders and necks as a light resistance band. ✨Multi-use towel with high CP value can not only be used for stretching, but also can be used as a small bath towel to wipe the body. It is super convenient to wipe the end

🟡95% cotton material is different from cheap chemical fiber material👎🏼
Cotton material achieves super water absorption and skin-friendly touch👍🏼
🟡The super elastic elastic towel that can stretch freely can be stretched to 165cm
In addition to making your hair super stable, you no longer have to worry about not being able to wipe the water droplets on your back💦
🟡Multiple use of one towel In addition to drying the body or hair, it can also be used for yoga stretching exercises fast 👍 very convenient

【Product introduction】
Size: 33cm X 85cm (can be stretched to about 33cm X 165cm)
Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane Origin: Vietnam (produced in Taiwan)

🧺Towel maintenance and precautions⚠️
1/ Towels need to be washed in water before use
2/ The towel should be dried in a ventilated place after use
3/ Do not use dryer, bleach
4/ Avoid metal when cleaning towels to avoid scratches
5/ In order to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, the towels should be disinfected and cleaned once a week, and new towels should be replaced regularly every 3 to 6 months

Customer Reviews

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Tracy Kwok

好用!! 跟介紹一樣真係非常好的彈性,吸水力都唔錯,如果我有需要再更換吸水髮巾一定會再購買

Catherine Lau

台灣 3in1 驚吸水超彈力毛巾|95%高級棉|10倍驚吸水量|可伸展達165cm

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