Hiorie Momoyuki - Imabari Certified Hotel Bath Towel Dark Blue (2)

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Japanese-made Hiorie Imabari Certified Hotel Bath Towel Dark Blue (2 pcs)

Certified by Imabari, the highest quality Japanese towel

Unbelievable softness, fall in love with one use

Made in Japan, 100% cotton, safe and secure

Size 45 x 102 cm, normal bath towel size

In the production process of Imabari towels, the content of heavy metals is extremely low, and the hardness components are extremely low.
The locally used water is perfect for drying towels.
Towels made with this soft water have very soft fibers and improved finish,
This results in a delicate and soft texture.

To get Imabari-certified towels go through very rigorous testing.

Among Imabari towels, "water absorption" is the biggest feature of towels.

After the towel is made, without any washing procedure, we will divide the towel into small pieces and put it into water for water absorption test twice.
They are "unwashed process" and "after three washes".

The test is to put a small piece of a towel into the water and see if it sinks to a low level within 5 seconds. The faster the sinking speed, the better the water absorption.

In addition, we also conduct many certification standards, such as fluff drop, fading test and durability test, etc.
To ensure reliable and safe quality, only companies that have passed the original certification standards can use the brand logo.
The quality of Imabari towels is maintained by incorporating different techniques and accumulated over the years in the towel manufacturing process.
Only towels that can pass a series of standard tests are eligible to hang the "Imabari Towel" trademark.

It is a red, white and blue trademark: red symbolizes enthusiasm, blue symbolizes high-quality water, and white symbolizes sincerity. This is also the promise of Imabari Towels for products.

<Imabari タオルブランド certification number: 2017-495>

Made in Japan へのこだわり Imabariタオル

Directly from Japan to Hong Kong, booking about 7-14 working days

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