Korres - Cheese & Probiotics Cleansing 3-Purpose Cleanser 150ml|Instantly shrink pores|Eliminate mask skin

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Greece KORRES Cheese & Probiotics Cleansing Cleanser 150ml|Instantly shrink pores|Eliminate mask skin

【Active Probiotics Milk Foam🥛】【Reduces pores instantly|Tender and smooth】
😆⭐️Use it and like it!! Natural cheese🥛

🇬🇷KORRES is a big brand in Greece. It is a must-buy when you go to Greece. Sephora in Europe and the United States has been selling it for many years. Even Mrs. Beckham and Pony, a Korean beauty artist, are fans of Korres. Cheese Probiotics Repair Series, only one Probiotic Cleansing Cleanser for 3 uses, it can wash off makeup and sunscreen🙋🏻‍♀

【New Concept of "Probiotics" Skin Care - Washing Harmful Bacteria and Supplementing Probiotics】

The world's first to retain the active probiotics of cheese, and it can be used for skin care without washing your face at the same time 🙆🏻‍♀ The skin turns out to be like the intestines, where different bad bacteria live together with good bacteria. Barrier to resist harmful bacteria, acne and eczema have been studied because Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus acnes, easy to cause, acne, eczema. This probiotic face wash has really improved after washing, and it is white and slippery after use

The ingredients are more precious, but gently tie your hands in a circular motion to create a smooth milk foam🥛, you can enjoy an active milk bath on all the noodles!! Shine 💁🏻‍♀Rock dry sensitive skin

✅The world's first use of food-grade Greek cheese as the main ingredient of the product is a scientific and innovative achievement. Even current skin care and cosmetic technologies are difficult to preserve the activity and nutrition of cheese

✅Greek cheese probiotic, a natural source of lactose, protein, minerals and vitamins

✅ 2.5 times more protein than ordinary cheese, making the skin more deeply moisturizing

✅Amaranth seed essence does not need to collapse after washing your face, it provides antioxidant protection and protects the skin barrier

✅ Honeysuckle extract antibacterial soothes the skin

✅Coconut hydrolyzed protein increases the moisture content of the top layer of the epidermis and accelerates skin renewal

✅ Suitable for all skins, especially suitable for dehydrated skin

✅86.4% natural, can be used for 3 uses: light makeup remover, face wash, sunscreen

🇬🇷Greece No.1 National Treasure Skincare Brand

🇬🇷Sister Bixian has been a user for many years and has been very popular in 30 countries 🇬🇷The founder is a pharmacist, using homeopathy to improve skin problems

🇬🇷The only product in Greece that is approved by the National Drug Organization

Product Specifications:
Capacity: 150ml
Origin: Greece

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