Japanese-made new king-like dream pillow king 様の dream pillow 2 OSAMA SERIES

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Japanese-made new king-like dream pillow king 様の dream pillow 2 OSAMA SERIES

Soft and gentle touch.
Pillowcase with plant-based ecological material "Tencel™" absorbs and transfers sweat while sleeping and maintains a comfortable sleeping environment.
Because it is a pillowcase that touches the skin every day, we insist on touch and function.

Internal material: 100% polyester (95% super bead, 5% polyester cotton)
Side Material: Polyester 85%, Polyurethane 15% (Gore: 100% Polyester)
Face Material: 60% Polyester, 40% Regenerated Fiber (Tencel™), (Piping: 100% Polyester)
※This product comes with 1 pillowcase

Size 62cmx40cm (central part 34cm)x8cm (highest position 12cm)

æããç¶ãã¦15å¹´åè³æ´æ¥æ¬ã®ç ãã¯ãã£ã¨é²åããè¶æ¥µå°ãã¼ãºã®å¯å¿ å°ã¯ãã®ã¾ã¾

The King's Dream Pillow, a blend of powdered ultra-beads and stretchy polyester-cotton, is delicately balanced, soft and smooth, with a unique feel.
The super comfort of the super bead can only be created in the "King-like" brand, inheriting the evolutionary king's dream pillow.

è¶æ¥µå°ãã¼ãºã®å¯å¿ å°ã¯ãã®ã¾ã¾

The ultra-small beads have excellent flexibility and fluidity and easily adapt to any sleeping position.
According to our body shape and sleeping position, we can freely distribute body pressure through free deformation, with excellent elasticity/elasticity, soft but firm support for neck and head. ããã«é«ã¾ã£ãé æ¤ã¸ã®ãã£ããæ

The streamlined curves along the shoulder line are designed to keep the neck gently supported even when turned left or right.
As the gap between the body and the body is less likely to be born, the support of the neck and shoulder fit and swivel support is enhanced. ãã£ããã¯ã¤ãã§å¯è¿ ããã¹ã ã¼ãºæ°æ§æ¯è¼

The size of the pillow and the capacity of the ultra-small beads have been developed to 1.5 times the traditional size.
By increasing the size, even larger men can sleep better and become easier to roll over. ãã³ã»ã«ã«ãã¼æ°ã»çæ§ã®å¤¢æ

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Mavis Wong

日本製 新 王樣之夢枕 王様の夢枕2 OSAMA SERIES


日本製 新 王樣之夢枕 王様の夢枕2 OSAMA SERIES

Leung ho

日本製 新 王樣之夢枕 王様の夢枕2 OSAMA SERIES

Excellent Customer Service & Shippment

Product arrived without defects. Will consider purchasing at this shop again in the future.

Amanda Chan
王樣之夢枕 王様の夢枕2

good delivery services

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