Belulu - Classy Ultrasonic Ion Complex Beauty Machine

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Belulu Classy Ultrasonic Ion Complex Beauty Machine Made in Japan

🇯🇵Japanese Belulu Classy Ultrasonic Ion Complex Beauty Machine💆🏻‍♀️💕
🔥Long stay in Japan Rakuten No.1 Champion 🏆
🔥Hong Kong licensed ❤️One year maintenance to peace of mind❣️
🔥Limited price package with SF ✅Free special gold leaf essence (valued at $358)🤗


⬇️Belulu beauty machine must be the most famous one⬇️
🤩 Bagasse price😂 Roast goose taste🏆
There are many beauty machine brands in Japan🤷🏻‍♀️Only Qu can be the champion for a long time🎉🎊
First of all, the surprise is the export 🔄 import function😍
There are many friends who have introduced him on the Internet🤗


The most attractive feature of my department is the belulu export function


But Belulu's price is at least half the price😱😱😱

So the owner must experience it for himself😅😍
The export effect is firm 💕 Even if you have left makeup 💆🏻‍♀️
After using the machine, you can use a cotton pad to see foundation stains😱
Of course, there are other residues of dirt 😫 You can't imagine how filthy after makeup is done 😩

After using it for a while, you will feel until the skin is tender and smooth😉


Of course, using Li to import the essence will help you 😘
This time, Zhongqing is giving away Belulu special gold leaf essence (valued at $358) 😝
Buried LED skin rejuvenation light ❤️💚💙
Ultrasonic high-speed vibration💢Effectively exfoliates dirt💢
Home and enterprise can sigh the effect of professional beauty salon😍


Ion export (deep cleaning)

Eradicates deep dirt that cannot be removed by hand washing. Ion extraction can absorb dirt such as cosmetic residues with negative factors, which is more effective than hand washing. After the pores are unclogged, the negative ions are introduced into the beauty serum, and the skin absorbs better.

Iontophoresis + Vibration Massage

Beauty ingredients are ionized and penetrate into the bottom of the skin. The ingredients of the beauty serum are ionized into a form that is easily absorbed by the skin, and then introduced into the deep layers of the skin. It is most effective for the introduction of whitening ingredients such as micromolecular hyaluronic acid and vitamin C inducers. In addition, iontophoresis and vibration massage are carried out at the same time. The vibration massage can soften the skin. When the two are used in combination, the absorption effect is doubled!

LED light skin rejuvenation

belulu classy is equipped with three-color skin rejuvenation light, which can effectively target different skin problems.

The light particles (electrons) emitted by the LED light can effectively activate the deep cells of the skin. LED lights do not contain ultraviolet rays that cause skin problems, do not heat up, and do not add burden to the skin, and are used in many Beauty Salons.

    1. Red light: can promote the regeneration of skin collagen, thereby improving skin wrinkles, sagging and other problems

    1. Blue Light: The active acid that eliminates the cause of acne, best for oily skin

    1. Green Light: Improves skin pigmentation and brightens skin

Ultrasonic high-speed vibration

3 million ultrasonic vibrations per second, up to a depth of 10 mm under the skin. Effectively removes skin keratin and deep oil, promotes skin blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, discharges excess dirt, and restores healthy skin.


First connect the USB cable to the belulu beauty device, insert it into the power socket (computer/mobile power supply), and turn on the power button of the machine.

select mode

    • Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the power, the LCD screen will display a blue light state, and the icon status of each function will be displayed.

    • In this state, each time the ON/OFF button is pressed, each function mode is switched to: positive ion export mode -> negative ion introduction mode (with vibration massage) -> ultrasonic mode (weak) -> ultrasonic mode (medium) - > Ultrasonic mode (strong)

    • When the ultrasonic mode gear is strong, press the ON/OFF button, the power is turned off

Photon key (LED color light color setting)

    • Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the power, the LCD screen will display a blue light state, and the icon status of each function will be displayed.

    • In this state, each time the Photon button is pressed, the photon skin rejuvenation mode is switched to: red LED -> blue LED -> green LED -> LED mode is off

    • Photo rejuvenation can be used simultaneously with ion mode or ultrasonic mode

time countdown function

    • The face maintenance time for each mode is 10 minutes

    • After the power is turned on, the LCD screen will display the time, and the power will be automatically cut off after 10 minutes.

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Product Specifications

Size: H (height) 180mm x W (width) 45mm x D (thickness) 35mm
Weight: about 100g
Voltage: AC100V~240V
Rechargeable battery: built-in lithium battery Ultrasonic frequency: 3MHz (about 3 million times / second)

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Directly from Japan to Hong Kong, booking about 7-14 working days

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