belulu - ℃plate hot and cold pore tightening beauty device

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Japan-made belulu ℃plate hot and cold dual-use pore tightening beauty instrument

🔥Long stay in Japan Rakuten No.1 Champion 🏆
🔥Hong Kong licensed ❤️One year maintenance to peace of mind❣️
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belulu ℃plate adopts the principle of alternating hot and cold care, and the warm care works by warming the skin to a maximum of 42 degrees

Promote the formation of heat shock proteins in the human body, and effectively regulate skin problems such as fine lines and pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays

Open pores while heat treatment, speed up the absorption of beauty essence

Cold treatment with minimum 6 degrees, shrink pores, firm skin, tighten epidermis and dermis

Enhance skin elasticity, slow down skin aging and fine lines

Used with vibration function, it can speed up skin metabolism and restore skin health function

belulu ℃plate hot and cold dual-purpose pore tightening beauty instrument Main functions

thermal care

Accelerates blood circulation, opens pores, and accelerates absorption of beauty essence

Accelerates the skin metabolism rate, enhances the tissue heat energy, naturally discharges waste, and solves skin problems such as eye bags and dark circles

cold care

Shrink pores, tighten skin, lock in moisture, smooth fine lines and crow's feet, and make the inherent molecules between cells tighter

Tightens the epidermis and dermis, thereby enhancing skin elasticity and slowing down skin aging and fine lines

belulu ℃plate hot and cold pore tightening beauty instrument how to use

Product Specifications

Size: H (height) 155mm×W (width) 51mm×D (thickness) 44mm

Weight: about 120g

Voltage: AC100V~240V

Rechargeable battery: built-in lithium battery

Ultrasonic frequency: 3MHz (about 3 million times/second)

About 7-14 working days for reservation

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