Belulu - Rebirth U Shape Lifting Firming EMS De-edema Beauty Device

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Japanese-made Belulu Rebirth U-shaped Lifting Firming EMS De-edema Beauty Device

Permanent residence in Japan Rakuten No.1 champion
Hong Kong licensed one-year maintenance to peace of mind
Complimentary BELULU 3D Hyaluronic Acid Gold Foil Serum (worth $358)

U-shaped massage head fits the facial lines

Fits small parts of the face such as lips and eyes. Treats while firming your skin.

There are many subtle parts on the face, and it is difficult for general beauty equipment to take care of them comprehensively.

Belulu Rebirth is specially designed to better fit all parts of the face, and delicate parts can be easily cared for.

Six functions to enjoy beauty salon-level care at home

Including electroporation, needle-free mesoplastic, EMS, RF radio frequency and vibration massage to revitalize the skin.

Deep introduction of electroporation

Electroporation beauty is popular in the Japanese beauty industry, and beauty nutrients can be introduced into the muscle base without an injector. Polymers such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which are usually difficult to penetrate into the subcutaneous region, can be introduced into the dermis through the bead current.

Needle-free Mesoplastics

Needle-free mesoplastics, like electroporation, can deliver beauty nutrients to the bottom of the muscle without injections. Needle-free beauty plastic has a wider range of objects, and almost all types of beauty serums can be imported.


By stimulating the muscles to produce movement, the expression muscles and nasolabial folds are tightened to achieve lifting and firming, while restoring skin elasticity.

vibrating massage

It softens the skin through vibration, accelerates blood circulation, and quickly penetrates the beauty essence to the bottom of the skin. In addition, it has a certain firming and lifting function on the sagging skin of the face.

RF radio frequency

By stimulating the muscles, the internal temperature of the skin rises. This warmth speeds up metabolism and restores elasticity to previously slack skin due to daily reduction in collagen. Tightens the face, tightens pores and brightens the complexion.

LED photorejuvenation

It is a beauty method that irradiates the skin through the special LED photon rejuvenation lamp, so as to have a beauty effect on the skin. Different color light wavelengths are different, and it has a certain nursing effect on common skin problems such as color classes, acne, acne marks, fine lines, dull skin and so on. There are four color light modes in total.

Product Specifications

Charging time: 4 to 8 hours Weight: about 107g
Dimensions: 158 x 63 x 35 mm (HxWxD)
The body part uses the battery: built-in lithium battery Color: pink, gold

About 7-14 working days for reservation

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