NES Cosmetics - Gentle Brush Cleanser 30ml Ultra-fine eyelashes artifact|No cockroach feet|No clumping|Over 10,000 positive reviews keep sharing

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Japan-made NES Cosmetics Gentle Brush Cleaner 30ml Ultra-fine eyelashes artifact|No cockroach feet|No caking|More than 10,000 praise and continuous sharing

🔥Hong Kong agent licensed confidence guarantee🔥

✅NES mascara brush creates super beautiful lashes🌟
No agglomeration, no cockroach feet, the texture of eye makeup is UP and then upgraded‼ ️
Super delicate eyelashes 💥 Must-have artifact for eyelashes
The NES mascara brush helps you to brush out the roots and delicate eyelashes👍
🔥The magical brushes recommended by popular models and stylists must not be missed👍

🉐Helps you to easily create delicate and natural eye makeup Draw delicate eyelashes

✅NES mild brush cleaning solution super speed cleaning function 🌟
Help your brushes "clean" and "maintain" at one time👍
💥"Clean" super cleaning ability, quickly dissolves residual makeup, and can also effectively sterilize 💥 "Quick" 10 seconds for super convenient cleaning, super fast drying, saves washing and waiting time 💥 "Maintenance" adds Moroccan oil to protect the bristles

🔻How to use brush cleaning solution🔻

🔴Non-animal synthetic hair➡️For example, concealer brush, lip brush, etc., you can directly spray the bristles on the toilet paper and brush repeatedly to clean.
🔴Animal hair➡️For example, eye shadow brush, blush brush, etc., can be sprayed on the toilet paper, wait for a few seconds for the alcohol to work, and then let the brush repeatedly brush on the toilet paper to clean.

⚠️The reason is that the scrubbing water contains a small amount of alcohol, and the chemical cilia will not be affected, but the animal hair will be easily dry when it comes into direct contact with alcohol.

Origin: Japan

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