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The most intimate touch of the Wataoka cat massager made in Japan

Wataoka, a century-old Japanese manufacturer of scrubbing equipment, has developed a massager for cats using the most familiar file grinding technology.

Use it to stroke your master's chin and stomach for the most comfortable massage.

Don't look at the rough texture of the massager, it is actually designed according to the structure of the cat's tongue with barbs.

Just stroking your cat's head, chin, stomach and back with a massage pad will make them feel like they're being groomed and have a relaxing effect.

Size: 210 X 36 X 10mm
Material: Resin Color: Pink/Grey
Made in Japan

*Washable with alcohol cleaning.
*Cannot be sterilized by heating.

Directly from Japan to Hong Kong, reservation about 4 months


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Cat's tongue を reproduces しました! The touch of stroking is like a cat's tongue, so cats love it very much

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