Japanese 3D face-lifting three-dimensional beauty mask 5 packs|Marshmallow color new debut|Xiaoyan mask|Breathable and comfortable

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Japanese 3D face-lifting three-dimensional beauty mask|Marshmallow color new debut|Xiaoyan mask|Breathable and comfortable|5 pieces per pack, a total of 25 pieces

🥰 Jin pretty, Jin pretty ❤️ It's no wonder that Japanese girls are chasing after Gando to buy it 🛍️ It brings out the thin face effect 🧏🏻‍♀️ Zhong can bury the shirt 👘OOTD has no problem at all👍🏻

The latest cotton candy 🍬 super healing color 😚 super cute 🤩 There will be more masks to match with shirts in the future 👗👚👖🥻👙
🇯🇵The most popular Japanese girls おすすめ Both Xiaoyan 3D masks😷
Super popular in Japan and South Korea 🥇 Unanimous praise☺️
🔥Perfectly show a 𣊬 V face effect🙌🏻

✅Three-dimensional style👍🏻It is more suitable for hot and baked in summer ☀️Breathable and comfortable 💨Highly fit face shape without leaving gaps😮

✅3-layer high-density material structure can filter pollen, PM2.5, 😷 and 🈶 effectively block 99% of bacteria and viruses spread by droplets 🦠

✅Through the 🔍 surface fabric color 🎨 the difference between the shades and the shades, the visual face-lifting effect can be achieved 🧏🏻‍♀️

✅The surface is made of both 45g spunlace non-woven fabric😷 and our commonly used wet wipes🧻 makeup remover cotton material☁️ spunlace non-woven fabric is plant fiber🍃softer🐻‍❄more breathable💨

✅The ear bag rope 👂🏻 is all made by the manufacturer and the bubble rope 🧵 This process adopts the left-covered yarn process. The ear straps are only 🈶 Japanese products will have this requirement first👍🏻

✅For the left hygiene and easy to carry 👛The packaging is set with two layers✌🏻The outer bag uses a zipper opening🛍️It is convenient to carry during use🤏🏻And the packaging is also the original Japanese packaging🇯🇵

5️⃣ Gradient Marshmallow Colors🌈
🎨Purple Pink 🎨White Purple 🎨Blue Purple 🎨Blue Yellow Pink 🎨Blue Pink
1 set of 5 packs, 5 pcs each, total 25 pcs🌟

Product Specifications:
👩🏻Adult style
Size: 12.5cm×14cm
Three-dimensional: vertical 17cm × horizontal 18cm
👉🏻 (1 set of 5 packs, 5 pcs each, 25 pcs in total)

China (produced by Japan)
This product is a parallel imported product.

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