AirBrightn - Ultimate Deodorant Gel (Including Smoke Smell)

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Japan AIR Brightn Ultimate Deodorant Gel (Including Smoke Smell)

Japan AIRBrightn Ultimate Deodorant Gel (Including Smoke Smell)

International Patents (Japan, Europe, USA)

Can effectively remove formaldehyde (VOC) harmful to human body

It can quickly absorb and neutralize different odors in the air, and the obvious effect can be seen in a few hours

Can remove smoke, sweat, musty, soot, etc.

Can be used in offices, bathrooms, homes, places in the trunk, etc.

Used in many hotels and corporate offices in Japan

Tested by Yokohama National University, Japan and proven to be effective, non-toxic and harmless to the human body

About 200ml per box

Each effective range is about 150 feet, and the effective time is about 5 to 6 weeks

place of origin:
How to use in Japan:
Ready to use, just twist off the cap and place it
The product will eventually be reduced into small hard blocks and placed in a room with air flow, the effect is the most obvious (such as an environment with air-conditioning)


1. Place 2 boxes of AirBrightn in the newly renovated office (about 500 feet), and turn on the air conditioner (from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm) to completely remove the original VOC formaldehyde smell within two days
2. Put 1 box of AirBrightn in the company room (about 100 feet) where the smoke smell has accumulated for more than a year, and turn on the air conditioner
(10:00 am to 6:00 pm), the odor is reduced by nearly 60% after 1 day, and there is no smoke odor after 3 days

===================================================== =======================
*It must be placed in a sealed and air-flowing environment, the effect will be obvious, such as an environment where the air conditioner is turned on or the door is closed and the fan is turned on (very important)
**The product must be placed in a position facing the wind, so that it can be effectively volatilized and effective (important)

↑↑↑ If the above 2 points are considered impossible, it is recommended not to buy, because the utility will become less obvious ↑↑↑

Q. How to make it square?

Smelly の 気 に な る お Ministry House で ふ た を け た Status で Goods を い て 下 さ い.

お部屋の风通しを良くし, Fengshang におきます and effect が高まります.

Q. Is it safe to do so?

The safety of グラフト superimposed polymer chemical substances is certified by domestic and foreign research institutes.

1. Caliber disinfection test
2. Skin disinfection test
3. The heterogeneity test
4. Ocular mucosal toxicity test

すべてのTrial においてSecurityがConfirmationされています.

Q. What is the validity period?

1つ(200ml)で, about 5 to 6 weeks, the effect is good.
(※Temperature・Humidity などどどどどりなる occasion.)

Q. 対応する部屋の広さは?

1 つ (200ml) で, about 10 畳の広さに対応します.
(※Temperature・Humidity などどどどどりなる occasion.)

Q. What should I do after use?

ゲルは Xu 々 に shrink し て い き, and finally は カ サ カ サ の dry か ら び た Qing い block に な り ま す.
タバコなどのニオイがだと, sucking したヤニ, etc. によって Yellow く褉したりしますが, basic cyan です. Eating cold days で す の で, burning え る ゴ ミと し て て て も ら っ て whole く problem あ り ま せ ん.

Q. Example of use えてください.

The guest room is などに.タバコのodori を deodorant.
(5 to 6 weeks for the effect to hold)

ゴミ and other odorless いを deodorant.
(5 to 6 weeks for the effect to hold)

Taisuo や 生 ゴ ミ の odor い を deodorization.
(5 to 6 weeks for the effect to hold)

Entrance や boot box の odor い を deodorization.
(5 to 6 weeks for the effect to hold)

Cold 唵ku の in the の dislike な stinky い を deodorant.
(8 to 9 weeks, the effect is steadfast)

The odor in the car is deodorized.
(5 to 6 weeks for the effect to hold)

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AirBrightn - 終極消臭啫喱 (包括煙味)

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