Gosso - Easy Nose Hair Removal Wax (10 Sessions)

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Japan GOSSO Easy Nose Hair Removal Beeswax (10 times)

Boys with nose hairs "righteous" coming out of their nostrils are really appetizing! But in fact, many men have this problem.
Most boys will use scissors, but if they are too busy to look in the mirror, they will not deal with nose hair.
My God, if I saw it for the girl I liked, I would definitely be scared off!

Recently, Japan launched a GOSSO Nose Hair Wax,
Can get rid of annoying nose hair in seconds, can be used by both men and women. Say goodbye to small scissors

Many people want to remove their nose hair, but they are afraid of the pain.
GOSSO can help you overcome this psychological barrier!
When using it, there is only a slight pulling sensation, but it is not painful~ If it is more painful, eyebrow trimming will be more painful!

There are many people who are afraid that after taking off the nose hair, the dust will easily enter the respiratory tract directly.
do not be afraid! Gosso only removes the superficial hairs that approach the nostrils,
But the middle and deep nose hairs still hold their posts in the nasal cavity, preventing dust from running into the body.

Beeswax made in Japan

The box can be used for 10 times (in 10 rounds)

It is recommended to complete one side of the nose first and then the other side

One box includes: 50g beeswax, 20 special sticks, 1 heat-resistant cup, 5 paper cups


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Rock Lam

Gosso - 輕鬆脫鼻毛蜜蠟 (10次)

Sarah Lam
Nose hair stick

Good use

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