Hario - V60 01 Pyrex for 1-2 cups VDG-01 (three colors)

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Hario V60 01 VDG-01 for Pyrex 1-2 cups

◆Imported from Japan HARIO
◆Conical spiral design can bring out the taste of coffee ◆Transparent material, you can experience the visual enjoyment of pouring coffee by hand ◆Suitable for 1 to 2 people

Glass heat-resistant temperature difference: 120℃
PP polypropylene heat resistance temperature: 140℃

Size: 12.4×11.0×7.8cm

Diameter: 9.7cm

Weight: 254g

Material: ドリッパー body/heat-resistant ガラスホルダー・Lightweight スプーン/ポリプロピレン

Country of Origin: Japan

Supplementary products: 1~2 cups with V60 scouring スプーン

Please use a sponge and neutral lotion to clean to avoid damage to the product
If the product is found to be broken, please do not use it again to avoid the risk of breakage
Please keep it in a safe place to prevent children from taking the danger
After adding hot water, please be careful of high temperature

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