Takagi - JSB012 Comfortable High Pressure Water Saving Shower Head (Handheld)

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Japan Takagi JSB012 Comfortable High Pressure Water Saving Shower Head (Handheld)

product description:
-Using ABS material
- Fine water flow 0.3mm
- High density yet delicate water volume
- The supercharging effect reaches the level of SPA
-Removable shower head, easy to clean the gutter
- With a water stop valve switch, you can easily open or close the water flow with one hand
-Officially claim to save up to ¥32,589 (approximately HK$2,281) a year** based on Japanese water bills

【Hand-held water-saving pressurized shower head JSB012 standard water column】
■ Water saving and pressurization: The special hole design of the shower head enhances the water outlet!
■ Handheld (narrow water width)
■Standard type water column to focus on the part of the washing. Especially suitable for families who wash their children's hair.

The package includes:
Shower head 1 Shower head mixing plug 2: KVK, MYM (too hose)
1 shower rubber ring: SAN-E (Sanrong water hydrant)

1. The two joints included in the package are compatible with the non-4-point caliber hoses produced by some Japanese manufacturers (such as KVK and MYM). The hoses are all quasi-4-point calibers, so the attached joints are not used, and they are directly connected to the flower. Just sprinkle it on the hose.

2. Many hose joints are deep in design, so just remove the black sealing ring on the shower joint and install it

3. If the water still leaks, it means that the hose joint is too deep (this is very rare), you can flatten the removed black sealing ring into the hose joint and pad it up.

**Water stop switch is not recommended for storage type electric water heaters

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