Japanese 3D face-lifting three-dimensional beauty mask 5 packs|Xiaoyan mask|Rakuten Popularity No.1

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Japanese 3D face-lifting three-dimensional beauty mask|Small face mask|Lotte No.1 in popularity |5pcs per pack, total 25pcs

Rakuten No.1🔥Best selling face modification 3D masks😷
As low as $2.7/piece
The veneer is comfortable and comfortable ❤️ The fashion level is buried in the magazine cover😍
⭐Japan Rakuten Popular 🇯🇵 3-layer Xiaoyan 3D Mask, a set of 5packs⭐
5️⃣The colors are super versatile and three-dimensional and comfortable
The most important thing is fashion, the material is very good🙋
🉐 The 3-layer high-density material structure can filter pollen and PM2.5 in the air, and can block 99% of the germs spread by flying
🉐 The super three-dimensional 3D design can highly fit the face shape without leaving gaps, and keep a certain distance between the mask and the mouth and nose, reducing the feeling of cramped
🉐 The strap is soft and elastic, you are not afraid of scratching the back of the ear after using it for a long time
Japan's three-dimensional masks are famous and expensive 🙈 But the comfort is really unmatched
5️⃣ Hot foundation colors🌈
🎨 Khaki
🎨Light pink
🎨 rose red
🎨Bean paste
1 set of 5 packs, 5 pcs each, total 25 pcs🌟
Product Specifications:
👩🏻Adult style
Size: 12.5cm×14cm
Three-dimensional: vertical 17cm × horizontal 18cm
👉🏻 (1 set of 5 packs, 5 pcs each, 25 pcs in total)
Color random delivery
China (produced by Japan)
This product is a parallel imported product.

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