Palm seal glaze second generation PLUS palm wax second generation PLUS+ 200g car wax waxing coating

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Using top-grade palm and cutting-edge top-grade raw material formula, small molecules absorb faster, super water repellent, brightening and then improving, better glossy plumpness and texture covering ability, longer lasting, better construction, without any abrasives, coating car can be used , the effect is fully upgraded.
It can be waxed both dry and wet, and waxing is easy and effortless, regardless of car color. The basic aging time of outdoor cars is more than one month, and the longest can be as long as about three months.
The first time you get started, DIY can have professional-grade results.
【product description】
🚘 Palm seal glaze second generation PLUS : capacity 200g
🚘 Plus a free waxing sponge X2
🚘 Professional-grade heavy-duty double-layer thickened wax cloth X1.
【Construction methods
※Whether it is dry or wet, please rinse the waxing sponge with clean water first, and then use it to wet directly without squeezing it dry.
The ductility is very high, only a thin layer is needed. If it is too thick or if it stays for too long, it will be difficult to wax . It is evenly waxed in a horizontal and vertical manner. Generally, the whole car can be waxed in about 3-5 minutes. , the SUV can be waxed after the whole car is loaded.

1. Wet on: After cleaning the car, the residual water can be waxed without drying it. Generally, after waxing the whole car, let it sit for about 3-5 minutes to wipe off the wax.
2. Drying: After cleaning the car, dry the car and then wax it. Generally, after waxing the whole car, let it sit for about 3-5 minutes to wipe off the wax.
Wait about 20 minutes after the completion of the palm seal glaze second generation PLUS construction. After the paint surface is absorbed and cured, it can be applied for the second stacking. The stacking effect is superb.

【Scope of application
Steam, motorcycle lacquered sheet metal parts, lamp housing, steel (aluminum) ring, chrome-plated, lacquered helmet, original matte (flat) lacquer, piano lacquer, and any flat material with golden oil lacquer can be used.

Glass is not available.
It is not recommended to use the rough surface of the exterior plastic and interior material particles, which will cause whitening.

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