Extremely Pure - Taiwan-made glass limescale cleaning spray 500ml| Free magic diamond sponge

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Extremely pure Taiwan-made glass limescale cleaning spray 500ml free magic diamond sponge

💟 First spray, second brush, third cleaning of the annoying scale accumulated over time✨
💟The cleansing formula penetrates deeply into the stubborn scale, easily removes the scale and brushes effortlessly‼ ️
💟Adding natural essence, the smell is mild, fresh and not pungent‼ ️

💯With limescale magic diamond sponge, two-pronged approach

No matter how tenacious the old scale is, there is no trace of it.

🔍The choice that should do more with less for cleaning

💥 Limescale Wipe Magic Diamond Sponge: Limescale Buster is lightweight and durable, descaling and decontamination is reused

Scope of application: Widely used in bathrooms, kitchens, glass, faucets, mirrors, bathtubs, tiles, washbasins.

Instructions for use:

1. Turn the print head to the ON position and make sure the clean surface is dry.

2. The distance is about 10CM, evenly spray on the clean surface.

3. Wait for about 3~10 minutes, and the scale can be easily removed after softening. (Such as old scale, please reuse about 1~2 times)

4. After cleaning, please rinse thoroughly to avoid surface damage caused by cleaning agent residues.

🔸Specification : 500ml

🔸Origin : Taiwan

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