Magic Glass Repair DIY Quick Repair Kit

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Magic Glass Repair DIY Quick Repair Kit

Is it more painful than Shizi playing glass?
Hua Zuo Xiaoxiao doesn’t want to change it in pieces, so I don’t know how to calculate it??‍♀

Introducing the latest glass DIY repair solution for you

Repair at any time without difficulty
Can be restored in just a few minutes??
One can be used several times
Imported materials from abroad, top quality

Occasionally, small scratches on the glass are inevitable. For example, the window is hit by a small stone. It can prevent the continuous expansion of holes and cracks, and the scars are almost invisible after repairing, which can easily save your wallet!


1. Scrape away any impurities such as glass and dust at the broken place. There are small blades in the set, and scrape carefully. Remember, no water

2. Align the hole in the middle with the damage.

3. There is a thing like a screw, twist it in the middle to support the glass, make sure to withstand it, the manual says complete and gentle, it should fit completely, but not too hard, because it is easy to cause displacement during the process of tightening it. that's not right

4. Drop the repair fluid at the position, generally 3-6 drops are enough for small damages.

5. Twist another screw-shaped thing into the top of the big screw just now, remember to tighten it, and twist the liquid into the gap, but mainly keep the four-legged base not moving.

6. Keep it tightened for 4 to 6 minutes. For the most powerful effect, it is recommended to keep it for 6-8 minutes.

7. Remove all the devices step by step, and the resin added before will flow out.

8. Take out the plastic film in the set, put another drop of resin on the original damaged area, and then cover it with plastic film.

9. Please put the front windshield under the sun, it is the real sun, or illuminate it with ultraviolet light. (recommended in low sun)

10. Use a small blade to scrape off the resin on it. The instructions say that 90 degrees is the best, but 45 degrees is fine, because the sound of 90 degrees is very harsh ?

Four types of scratches including bull's-eye, star-shaped, composite, bull's-eye + star-shaped car glass can be repaired. After repair, it can prevent the continuous expansion of holes and cracks! GLASS

The product may not be able to repair all glass problems 100%, but it will definitely have obvious effects. The product has three-legged or four-legged suction cups, which depends on the manufacturer's shipment and does not affect the use.

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