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British Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder

The weather in Hong Kong is very humid, and it is definitely not easy to make a fluffy hairstyle. It is easy to lose shape and collapse with hair mud or hair wax.

Slick Gorilla from the UK is a powdered hair clay, which is dry and less greasy than ordinary hair wax. Suitable for both medium and short hairstyles, it is a must-have styling product for men and women.

Apply a small amount of powder to the palm of your hand or apply directly to dry hair Make sure the powder is distributed throughout the styling area Style your hair the way you want

Two ways to use, sprinkle on the hands or sprinkle directly on the head

The powdery texture is more waxy than mud, dry and non-greasy, no problem in hot and humid climates

Naturally dull after use, not greasy, but not hard

Fluffy, hold up the hair for a long time, and the hair is not afraid of falling down

Repeatable shaping

Best for short to medium hair

No clumping and no heavy feeling

Origin: Turkey/UK

Ingredients: water, glycerin, silicon dioxide (see bottle for details)

Size: Outer box 4.5cm*4.5cm*11.5cm

Weight: 20g/1pcs

Capacity: 0.64 ounces/1pcs

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