Super Dream Candy Color|Crayon Shin-Chan Stereo Digital Silent Wall Clock|KB Kasukabe Defense Force Model|Pajamas Model|Genuine License

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shape: KB Kasukabe Defense Force
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Super Dream Candy Color| Crayon Shin-Shin Stereo Digital Silent Wall Clock| Genuine authorization|

🌟The popular Crayon Shin-chan theme wall clock injects a childlike atmosphere into a small corner of life☆
🌟Healing every minute and every second, every day is accompanied by Xiaoxin♪
🌟Three-dimensional digital dial: Macaron three-dimensional digital design, visual clearer 🔕Silent continuous second hand: silent device movement, no ticking sound, let the time turn quietly, enjoy the quiet moment 🕣
〰️Cute wavy pointers〰️
🕒Wall hanging design, can be hung on the wall to easily decorate the home atmosphere

✨Two cute designs✨
🅰️Pajamas (a new theme of classic pajamas, with all kinds of embarrassed expressions, so cute💥)
🅱️K•B Kasugabe Defense Team (composed of Nohara Shinnosuke, Sakurada Nini, Kazama Toru, Ah Dai, Sato Masao 😁With the theme of the classic K•B team logo in the animation, unity and courage will 🆙🆙)

🌟Product Introduction🌟
Size: 30cm diameter x 4.3cm thickness Battery: AA battery X 1 (🚫Do not use rechargeable and alkaline batteries)

This product is a parallel imported product.

Super Dream Candy Color|Crayon Shin-chan Stereo Digital Silent Wall Clock|Genuine License

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