Aimedia - Washing Machine Bubble Cleaner|For Drum Machine|50g x3

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Aimedia Washing Machine Bubble Cleaner|For Drum Machine|50g x3

It is specially designed for the top-up European machine and the "big-eyed chicken" model. It can easily produce a large number of bubbles to cover the entire laundry tank. It is easy to use and can remove the odor and bacterial smell from the washing machine tank.

1. The foaming design can fully clean the washing machine due to the small amount of water in the "big-eyed chicken" washing machine, and ordinary detergents cannot completely clean the entire machine tank. This cleaner can lather and cover the entire tank through the bubbles, even if there is no water soaked position, there will be bubbles covered, which can be fully cleaned.
2. Remove dirt, odor and bacteria from the washing machine sink
* Dirt: After cleaning, the dirt in the machine will surface, and it will be thoroughly cleaned. For example, after daily laundry, there will be stains and black spots on the clothes, which can be solved after washing.
*Odor: After cleaning, the musty smell in the machine will disappear. There will be no odor after washing.
*Bacteria: can wash away the bacteria in the machine
- Staphylococcus aureus
-Escherichia coli

1. Pour a packet of cleaning bubbles into the washing powder compartment
2. Do it in normal laundry mode
3. Start the washing machine and stop after about 5 minutes of rotation
4. Let the bubbles stay in the machine for 3 to 4 hours
5. Start the washing machine again for the rest of the program and drain
6. If necessary, you can use the "Quick Mode" to wash the washing machine once with clean water
(Japan recommends using it every 1 month)

main ingredient:
Calcium Percarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Surfactant (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) Enzyme, Antimicrobial, Fragrance

Origin: Japan

Keep out of the reach of children
Do not touch eyes and mouth

Aimedia Washing Machine Bubble Cleaner|For Drum Machine|50g x3Aimedia Washing Machine Bubble Cleaner|For Drum Machine|50g x3

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