BIO kun - Magical long-lasting anti-mold sticker box|Bathroom and indoor use


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BIO kun long-lasting anti-mold box|Bathroom and indoor use

Just stick it on the ceiling or wall of the bathroom or room, and about 50 billion microorganisms will start to break down and eat the mold.
Using biotechnology, special active enzymes will decompose the acid (mold and smelly proto-organism) into inorganic substances.
Use higher microorganisms to remove mold and odor, clean
Pink Box - Wardrobe and Cabinet Bucket Use

The weather in Hong Kong is humid and foggy, which makes the whole house smelly, and it is very easy to breed mold!
Bathrooms, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. are the hardest hit areas for damp and moldy!
Mold has a great impact on health. Mold will release allergic substances. There are molds with particularly strong D toxicity, which can cause skin diseases in mild cases, and asthma and allergies in severe cases!
Especially if there are elderly or children in the house and enterprise, you must try this Japanese Bio-kun long-lasting anti-mold box!
There are 2 styles to choose from this time, you can choose according to different needs!
Blue Box - Bathroom & Indoor Use

- Effectively inhibit the growth of mildew and remove the musty smell, natural mold nemesis, and the deodorizing effect is remarkable.
- Environmentally friendly and safe, suitable for children, the elderly or those who are prone to allergic reactions.
- Suitable for cabinets, wardrobes, shoe cabinets or kitchen cabinets, the effective range is about 15 feet.
The canal contains natto microorganisms, which use special anti-mold enzymes based on biological principles to effectively decompose mold. Tens of billions of microorganisms will eat mold and odor as nutrients, and active enzymes will decompose the acid (the proto-organism of moldy odor). For inorganic matter!
Does not contain any chemical ingredients, is a natural mold nemesis!
Effectively inhibits mildew, breeds and removes mildew and deodorizes!
The effect lasts for about 6 months!
Hurry up and buy ten or eight, don't wash it all day long to wash away the mold!
Specifications: blue (for bathroom and indoor use), pink (for wardrobes and cabinets)
Valid range: about 15 feet Validity period: about 6 months

1. Before using the mold-proof box, please dry the surface of the object to avoid falling off.
2. There is a double-sided sticker on the back of the mold-proof box, which can be directly attached to the surface of the object.
3. The surface of the object with uneven or heavy moisture may decrease the adhesive force.

Origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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Henry Lam


Yk Cheung

BIO kun - 神奇長效防霉貼盒|浴室及室內適用

fong Lau

BIO kun - 神奇長效防霉貼盒|浴室及室內適用

Suki Lai

BIO kun - 神奇長效防霉貼盒|浴室及室內適用

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