Crep Protect - Nanotechnology Anti-Fouling Waterproof Spray 200ml|Crep protect spray|Made in Germany

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Crep Protect Nanotechnology Anti-Fouling Waterproof Spray 200ml|Crep protect spray|Made in Germany

Made of the latest and most harmless nanotechnology (Hydrophobic), it can isolate most liquids and dirt, and it cannot be attached to the upper of the shoe. When it comes into contact with dirt, just use water to remove it. Suitable for all shoes Footwear material, including leather, suede, nylon, Nubuck, mesh and other special materials

As for Aibo shoes, Li said, every pair of shoes is super precious. Therefore, it is indeed very particular to maintain the "brand new" state of the sneakers!

British brand Crep Protect waterproof and anti-smudge spray can prevent any stains from harming your shoes. Crep Protect will form an invisible protective layer, any liquid on the upper will turn into water droplets and slip off, will not be absorbed by the fabric of the shoe body, and dirt will not be able to adhere to the upper, continuous use will make your favorite shoes Longer life, especially in summer when there are often unpredictable afternoon thunderstorms, give your shoes a layer of protection in advance, and keep the shoes in the best condition!

British brand Crep Protect, suitable for mesh, canvas, leather, rubber, nylon and other materials. Using the latest Hydrophobic technology, it is recommended to clean shoes or new shoes before use, and then spray Crep Protect spray, about 15 ~ 20 cm apart, spray 2 times in total, every 10 minutes apart

The product has the opportunity to change some functions/colors/packaging/origin/accessories of the product without any notice. We cannot ensure that the product received by the customer is exactly the same as the website picture, origin, and accessory description. But we guarantee that the source of goods is the original factory. If the website is not updated in time, please forgive me.

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Pik Fung Tai

Crep Protect - 納米科技抗污 防水噴霧 200ml|Crep protect spray|德國製造|全新包裝

Crep Protect - 納米科技抗污 防水噴霧 200ml

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