DREAMHAIR hair growth fiber

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  • Electrostatically makes the fibers adhere to the hair, making the hair appear thicker

  • Windproof and won't smudge when wet

  • DREAMHAIR patented technology

  • 100% lightweight keratin fiber manufacturing

  • The product has undergone multiple safety verifications and does not contain preservatives that are harmful to the skin


DREAMHAIR hair growth fiber

◆Using the principle of static electricity to make the fibers attach to the hair, making the hair look thicker ◆It is windproof and will not sway when wet ◆DREAMHAIR patented technology ◆100% lightweight keratin fibers harmful preservatives

Color: Black/Dark Brown
23G super large support, can be used 30 times

◆ Arrange your hair. Hair must be dry before use. Do not use any styling agents.
◆Open the jar, the mesh opening is inclined downward at a 45-degree angle, and shake gently on the thin hair part, so that the fibers slide down evenly on the hair, until the scalp cannot be seen.
◆ Dab all the hair with your hands to help it spread out and adhere, so that the fibers can penetrate into the bottom layer of the hair completely. Do not use a comb, it will affect the electrostatic adsorption effect.
◆You can see the effect of DreamHair hair growth fiber in 30 seconds. If necessary, you can lightly spray the setting agent, and it is better to protect the setting.
◆Do not touch the styling agent until it is dry.
◆After use, close the lid tightly and store it in a place to avoid moisture.

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