Tsuki Usagi Moon Rabbit Print - Enamel Hand Pour Pot 0.7L Brown

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TSUKI USAGI JIRUSHI is one of the most classic enamel ware brands in Japan. Its enamel series has both French elegant retro styling and Japanese practical style that always pays attention to details. In the grocery circle, they all enjoy high evaluation and popularity!

The Moon Rabbit Print was designed by the well-established tableware development and agency "Fujii Store", which was founded in Taisho 12 (AD 1923). After the Moon Rabbit Print series was launched in 1926, its excellent quality and unique and charming shape Popular with the public, the quality of Japanese enamel culture has been further improved. Since then, it has been widely used in ordinary households and various business occasions.

Fujii Store has experienced the changes of the times for more than 80 years. Although it has gradually expanded into a trading company, the Moon Rabbit Seal series has always been produced by the equally well-known Noda Enamel Factory. It is time-consuming and time-consuming to make by hand according to the traditional method. Such delicate and carefully crafted works are not only very easy to use, but also have unique tastes that can be easily integrated into various home styles, no matter country style, loft style, simple style... All can make any corner of the home a unique style. Beautiful and moving landscape poems!

Enamel refers to the processing technology of plating a layer of glass glaze on the metal surface at high temperature. The utensils made of enamel have the characteristics of light texture, smooth surface, not easy to stick, easy to clean, and have good antibacterial and acid resistance, and at the same time isolate the direct contact between the metal surface and the food, so it can keep the ingredients that should be original flavor.

Tsuki Usagi Enamel Hand-Punch Pot 0.7L, Japan's Moon Rabbit Print Designed by Komin Yamada, an internationally renowned kitchenware designer, the graceful and slender smooth curve extending from the body to the spout is full of European retro nostalgia. The bright goose yellow shows a low-key and elegant temperament; the 0.7L capacity is suitable for 2∼2~ For family use of 4 people. Excellent hand feel and slender spout, very suitable for hand brewing all kinds of drinks, just tilt the body of the pot slightly, the perfect meniscus-shaped water column slowly flows out, and the space is suddenly silent; after a moment of silence, you can enjoy a cup of fragrant aroma coffee or a good pot of tea is very satisfying!

In addition, this hand pouring pot can be directly placed on the gas stove for heating, which is more convenient to use!

Capacity: 0.7L
Size: about 19.5cm x 9.5cm x 16.5cm
Weight: about 400g

Directly from Japan to Hong Kong, booking about 7-14 working days

The manufacturing process of Moon Rabbit Seal

Precautions for use

1. The enamel products are all glazed by hand by the master, and the glaze cannot be evenly coated on the edge of the product (such as the spout or the edge of the conditioning plate, the edge of the basin), or the top of the hanging point during the firing process. Therefore, the glaze may be thinner or fall off. The original Japanese manufacturer stated that this is a normal phenomenon, please buy it with confidence.

2. This product can be used on gas stoves, please absolutely avoid using it on induction cookers and microwave ovens.

3. When using, please avoid rapid heating, which may cause the glass material on the vessel to break; after leaving the fire source, please cool down slowly in a natural way.

4. Do not burn the enamel utensils above the fire source, and avoid long-term high-temperature frying, frying, frying and other cooking methods.

5. Do not hit the enamel utensils, so as not to cause the surface glass material to fall off; if the enamel falling off part comes into contact with water, acid or alkaline substances, it may cause rust.

6. In order to prevent rust, please avoid holding liquids for a long time. After each use, please wash, wipe and keep dry the utensils.

7. When cleaning, it is recommended to use softer tools such as sponges instead of steel brushes.

8. The capacity marked on the product refers to the maximum full water capacity. In order to prevent the danger of boiling and overflowing, it is recommended to fill it with 70% full capacity when using it.

9. When cooking on high fire, the temperature of the enamel handle is high, please be careful to avoid burns.

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