Sharp Mom - Toilet Automatic Aroma Sterilizing Cleaner (100ml)

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Sharp mother toilet automatic aroma sterilization cleaner (100ml)

Mom's savior is here~ Is there still an indescribable strange smell wafting from the toilet every day? Brushing the toilet by hand is smelly, tiring, dirty and time-consuming, and the cleaning utensils are stained with dirt and bacteria, which is terrible! It's not that you don't brush hard enough, all the hidden grooves that are easy to ignore are the source of odor. Japanese housewives strongly recommend it, Sharp Mom~ Toilet Automatic Aroma Sterilization Cleaner Aroma, cleaning, and deodorization can be done in one go. The formula is simple, and there is no need to worry about the toilet porcelain surface being damaged because of the strong cleaning power. Hanging it in the sink does not take up space, and does not affect the overall beauty of the toilet!

★Add silver ion antibacterial factor No tools needed
★Use up to 200
times or more

1. Remove the outer ring cover
2. Hang the agent upside down on the inside of the water tank, in accordance with the principle of not hindering the operation of the float ball and the sluice gate
3. Adjust the height of the hook, be sure to make the water level float the buoy cover to the fixed point
4. After installation, you can press the flush button. When the water level is lower than the float cover, the float cover will drop, and the agent will flow out from the bottom and flow into the toilet with the water.
5. When the flushing is completed and the tap water is full of the water tank, the buoy cover will float up to the position, ready for the second flushing.

Capacity: 100ml
Style: Lemony/Freesia/White Musk
Ingredients: silver ions, non-ionic surfactants, flavors, pigments, etc.
Total validity period: 3 years
Origin: Taiwan

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