Hario - Flannel Filter Glass Hand Pour Coffee Maker Set Wood Neck Drip Pot (3-4 Cups) DPW-3

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HARIO Flannel Filter Glass Hand Pour Coffee Maker Set Wood Neck Drip Pot (3-4 Cups) DPW-3

Flannel filter pour over coffee has a rich, dense, and uncanny sweetness reminiscent of liqueurs. Brewing good coffee this way is not easy. Filling the water too quickly, water temperature too high, and poor technique will detract from the flavor of the coffee.

Some people say that to make a good flannel filter pour-over coffee requires the concentration of a novelist, the dexterity of a surgeon, and the ability of a performer to improvise, which shows its sophistication and complexity.

The coffee slowly filtered through the ultra-fine filter cloth will retain the original sourness, bitterness and sweetness of the coffee beans~

Imported from Japan

☕ Depth and richness vary. real flannel drip coffee after cleaning filter cloth

☕ To wash thoroughly, please immerse it in a container with water and store in the refrigerator. This is to prevent oxidation of the oil content of the remaining coffee beans on the cloth

☕Glass hand-washing cloth drip pot

☕ Heat resistant temperature difference 120°C

☕Wooden handshake will not be hot


【Product Specifications】

Product number: DPW-3
Product size: length 110 × width 110 × height 195 mm
Capacity: 480ML 3~4 cups
Weight: (including box) 400 g
Material: Body: Heat-resistant glass/ Handle. Grip. Button: Natural wood/ Buckle: Leather/ Filter cloth: Cotton/ Metal frame: Stainless steel/ Measuring spoon: PP
Country of Origin: Glass: Japan / Wood Handle: China Each piece of wood products will have different colors and patterns, please pay attention.

This product is a parallel imported product.

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