Hario - Simple Hand Grinder MSCS-2B (100g)

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Hario Simple Hand Grinder MSCS-2B (100g)

Japan HARIO was established in 1921 and has a history of nearly 100 years. At the beginning, it mainly produced physical and chemical professional utensils, and later invested in the field of consumer glass, especially in the world's leading brand of hand-brewed coffee utensils.

HARIO products have won the Good Design Award in Japan for consecutive years, and it is one of the three major heat-resistant factories in the world.
In 2003, it was famous in the world for manufacturing the world's first glass violin with high-tech craftsmanship.

Reduce heat generated by grinding

The upper transparent cover design can adjust the coffee grinding thickness

Country of Origin
Glass Ball: Japan, other origin: China

Packaging weight: 600g

How to use and clean

1. Please use sponge and neutral lotion to clean, so as not to damage the product. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents or steel brushes, which are easy to cause wear, discoloration and deterioration.
2. After the glass surface is cracked, do not use it again to avoid the danger of cracking.
3. Please keep it in a safe place to avoid danger from children taking it.
4. Microwave ovens are not suitable.


1. Do not use the thermos directly on the fire.
2. Please use a sponge and neutral lotion to clean.
3. If you find any cracks, please stop using it.
4. Please be careful with fragile parts such as handles when rinsing under water.

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