Hario - Smart-G Electric Coffee Grinder|EMS-1B|Mobile Mill STICK|Hand Grinder Not Included

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HARIO Smart-G Electric Coffee Bean Grinder|EMS-1B|Mobile Mill STICK|Does not include hand grinder

Easily turn a manual grinder into an electric grinder, and with MSS and MSG series grinders, you can save grinding time.

Lightly roasted coffee beans can also be easily ground, saving you the grinding time. Convenient shape, easy storage, and USB charging. It only takes three hours to fully charge, and 25g of coffee beans can be ground in only 60 seconds.

It can be used from home to hiking and camping, allowing you to brew delicious coffee wherever you go.

☕️Imported from Japan

☕️With 20g / about 60 seconds, it can be used about 25 times

☕️Suitable for Hario MSS-1 or Hario MSG-2

☕️With holder for MSS/MSG

☕️Power supply: Lithium electronic battery 3.7V 2200mAh

Compatible models:


Product size: about W36 × D36 × H180 (mm)
Weight: 300g
Material: PET, silicone, ABS resin, stainless steel Country of origin: China

This product is a parallel imported product.

Customer Reviews

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Piyawat Chanthanasombut
Good time saver

I used a Hario Manual Grinder before. This one fits well with my grinder and saved a lot of spinning time to make my big batch of cold brew coffees. If you plan to fresh grind your coffee in your camping, this spinner would be a portable solution too.

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