Hario - V60 Glass Iced Coffee Maker Glass Iced Coffee Maker 700ml VIG-02T

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HARIO V60 Glass Iced Coffee Maker (700ml) VIG-02T

The long ice filter allows the cold coffee to drip freshly into the clear glass, allowing you to watch a drop of iced coffee being made, which is especially enjoyable to enjoy

The transparent and beautiful bottle is about 2-4 cups can be directly brewed ice/hot coffee

☕ Imported from Japan

☕Unique design of ice cube funnel and porous trickling filter

☕Easy to brew cold coffee

☕ When pouring hot water to brew coffee

☕The water is extracted little by little and flows through the ice cubes to freeze instantly, locking in the original aroma and taste of the coffee

☕Easy to enjoy the new flavor of filter iced coffee


【Product Specifications】
Product number: VIG-02T
Product size: length 165 × width 120 × height 235 diameter 116 mm
Capacity: 700ML
Weight: (including box) 800 g
Material: Filter: PCT Resin Filter Cup Cover: Silicone Origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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