Hario - V60 Dripper Set 1-2 Cups|CKJF-01B|Reissue Limited Edition|Coffee Crazy Times|1980 Reissue Edition

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In 2021, HARIO's 100th Anniversary Re-engraved Limited Edition Commemorative

"In the 1980s, the prototype of the V60 conical filter bowl"
In the 1980s, when Japan became the world's largest automobile producer, with the increase in coffee imports,
No longer a luxury, canned coffee, instant coffee, classic coffee, etc.,
All kinds of coffee, become a drink that everyone can enjoy.
At that time, only the hostess of the coffee shop could carefully brew coffee with a filter cloth.
In order to make it easier for ordinary consumers to brew delicious coffee like a professional.
After repeated tests, the "Coffee Crazy Era" was successfully developed.

Using a glass filter in the HARIO glass laboratory plus 1 cup of filter paper,
In order to support the filter paper on the funnel, a filter paper holder is made of stainless steel wire.
This is the "prototype of the V60 conical filter bowl".

Introduced in 1980, this cone-shaped dripper is designed to match the ease of preparation of instant coffee while providing a true coffee experience.


【Product Specifications】

Size: width 105 x depth 90 x height 119mm Capacity: practical capacity 240ml (1-2 people)
Weight: about 300g
Material: glass-heat-resistant glass, filter bowl-stainless steel, heat insulation ring-silicone rubber, spoon-plastic Origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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Hario 100周年紀念版

good shipping and good products 👍

Joseph Ng


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