Hario - V60 02 Black Magnet Ceramic Coffee Filter|Ceramic Dripper 1~4 servings|VDC-02AZ-CB

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HARIO V60 02 Black Magnet Ceramic Coffee Filter|Ceramic Dripper 1-4 servings|VDC-02AZ-CB

The conical filter adds depth to the coffee layer, allowing the water to flow to the center for extended contact with the ground coffee.

The conical design is adopted, which does not affect the expansion of the coffee powder. Large-diameter round holes that change the taste of coffee with the speed of hot water injected. The coffee tastes light when poured into boiling water quickly, and thick when poured slowly. The conical structure that can pile up the coffee powder can fully release the aroma of the coffee. Brew professional-quality coffee that's easy to make

Imported from Japan

☕Conical structure shape, spiral rib arch design

Large-diameter round hole design, expansion is not hindered by space

☕ Made of ceramic material, good heat preservation

☕The bottom coffee can be fully extracted

☕Applicable person 1~4 servings, with 1 black coffee spoon (short)


【Product Specifications】

Product number: VDC-02AZ-CB
Product size: length 140 × width 120 × height 102
Capacity: 1-2 cups
Weight: (including box) 300 g
Material: Body: Porcelain Measuring Spoon: PP
Origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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